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A couple of Weaning Questions.

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Celticlassie Tue 10-Oct-17 21:24:10

We’ve been weaning for a couple of weeks (LO is 6 months old) and all going well. Just a couple of neurotic PFB questions for the experts! She’s been eating porridge in the morning (not baby porridge, just normal with the oats blasted in the blender a bit), but I’ve heard the sugar content in porridge can be quite high? We don’t add anything to the porridge, just whole milk so if it’s high in sugar, what should I give her instead for breakfast?

Also, we’ve tried her on these Ella’s kitchen crisps (the 6 month ones). She loved them, and it was good finger food experience, but they feel rather like junk food. Should I avoid these things, or are they pretty harmless?

TIA smile

INeedNewShoes Tue 10-Oct-17 21:30:19

We'll be starting weaning here in the next week or two so I'm by no means an expert!

But my feeling is that the porridge is probably fine as long as at other meals you are giving more savoury flavours (veggies!)

With the crisps I think I'd not have these daily as they seem like a precursor to actual crisps and you don't want the DC seeing crisps as an every day food?

For good finger foods I'd do cooked veggie sticks or sticks of softer fruit like melon.

GreenGoblin0 Wed 11-Oct-17 23:36:31

plain porridge oats don't have sugar in them- is that what you're feeding he

personally I'd avoid baby crisps at this early stage even though it's tempting- don't get me wrong they're better than ordinary crisps but at 6 months I think it's better to get them to accustomed to unprocessed foods with a bit more nutrional value. if you want to try something similar them rice cakes are good as you can add different toppings to them (eg avocado ) to make them more filling and to vary the flavour.

tiktok Wed 11-Oct-17 23:41:06

Sugar? In porridge?'s just oats. Maybe don't listen to whoever told you that as their info is dodgy.

Good finger food experience can come from other foods - those crisps are prob fine but they're expensive for what they are. I second the idea of rice cakes - the mini ones or the full size ones.

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