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Aptamil follow-on milk

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Aadorar Fri 06-Oct-17 00:59:01

I have been giving my 6 month old baby Aptamil follow-on milk for 2 weeks now and his poo is very watery...

Anyone experience the same?

I am not sure if I should go back to the previous one we were using.

itchywanksocks Fri 06-Oct-17 06:50:15

You don’t need to switch to the follow on milk at all, it’s mainly a marketing thing cs it means they can use offers / give boots points or nectar points on it.

I think it’s got extra iron in but I wouldn’t expect it to cause a stomach issue. Did it start at the same time you started solid food / purée?

itchywanksocks Fri 06-Oct-17 06:50:48

Ooh teething? My DDs poo turns watery and acidic when she’s cutting a new tooth

knaffedoff Fri 06-Oct-17 06:54:17

I would avoid all follow on milk as the op has said

Suzysuz Sat 07-Oct-17 21:43:12

As above - my HV said follow on milks only exist for marketing as they're not allowed to advertise baby first formulas, so they created and advertise follow on products for brand recognition and to hopefully boost their baby formula sales which they can't advertise!

Figgygal Sat 07-Oct-17 21:46:16

Stick with first stage my ds is 1 next week and we moving to cows milk from stage 1

Aadorar Sat 07-Oct-17 22:39:09

Thanks for your advices.
I guess it could be teething, or even my purees smile
I think I will switch back to the one I was giving him before.

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