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Breakfast ideas for nearly 7 month old?

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crazypenguinlady Wed 20-Sep-17 21:27:52

DS is almost 7 months old. Weaning going well and doing a mix of puree and finger foods.

At the moment, he has Weetabix or porridge with fruit blended in for breakfast. Id like to mix it up a bit for him but the odd little child refuses finger food for breakfast hmm he will munch on them for lunch and dinner but is not interested for breakfast confused

Any ideas for breakfast except for porridge and Weetabix? He usually has yoghurt with dinner.

billabye Wed 20-Sep-17 21:35:58

Scrambled egg? We mostly stick to yogurt, fruit or porridge though

Pipstarz41 Wed 20-Sep-17 21:37:09

Have you tried scrambled egg on toast? Can be spoon fed or blw style approach, can hold onto the toast while you feed the eggs?

You could try crumpets too, or baby friendly

crazypenguinlady Wed 20-Sep-17 21:55:24

I've tried toast and banana etc the last few mornings. He looks at me like he has two heads then whinges until I feed him then. He'll wolf it down at lunch but not breakfast confused

He's always had a healthy appetite since the day he was born but since he was about 3 months old, he can easily go up to an hour before his first bottle. He's not really interested for at least half an hour for milk but then definitely makes it known the rest of the day. So I think he's just not hungry in the morning and feeding himself is am effort perhaps??

Krapom Wed 20-Sep-17 22:12:04

Lidl's own brand cornflakes have no added sugar at all, unlike Kellogg's kids love them dry and crunchy or with milk.

GreenGoblin0 Thu 21-Sep-17 12:38:31

try banana pancakes they are delicious!

I wouldn't worry too much though if he isn't too receptive at the moment though it is early days just keep offering but don't stress - weetabix and porridge are fine!

FartnissEverbeans Tue 26-Sep-17 17:27:35

DS refuses to eat in the mornings as well - to be fair we get up for work at 5:30 so I don't blame him! He has a bottle once he's at nursery, then Oatibix later.

While I get ready I pop him in his high chair with a handful of dry Cheerios. He's crazy about them.

April45 Fri 13-Oct-17 10:58:56

I could have written this myself. We're on weetabix and porridge too with fruit.. something's mix it up with oatibix! Lol! DS is 9 months. I offer a bit of crumpet and toast with he's starting to eat at now but it's taken a while

TeddyIsaHe Fri 13-Oct-17 11:12:35

Pancakes! My favourite recipe is 1 banana, 1 egg a big handful of oats and some almond milk/regular milk and whizzed up in a blender till smooth. Should be thick and spoonable. Dd loves them and there’s no sugar or nasties in them!

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