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Weaning - clueless new mum needs help please!

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Beatrice Sun 18-Jul-04 23:36:23

Started weaning 6 weeks ago when DD was just over 18 weeks. At first everything went well and she went from having a bit of rice on to carrot, pear and a couple of the other usual suspects. Then two weeks ago she suddenly stopped completely and now won't even open her mouth. I keep offering her rice and fruit or veg at about 11 and about 5, but she's just not interested. Everyone tells me this is not a problem and she will take it when she's ready, but why would she have suddenly stopped after starting so well? Is this common or have I done something horrendous that's put her off? I try to stay calm when she refuses all my lovingly prepared food, but it's hard to know how to encourage her to eat without turning things into a battle. Should I stop offering it as soon as she turns her head away, or should I try to put something on her lips to encourage her? Should I keep offering something every day, or give things a rest for a while? And how long can I let this go on for before it becomes a problem that I need to do something about? I know a lot of people don't even start weaning until 6 months so I'm not really worried yet, but at the moment it's hard to believe she's ever going to eat anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

cuppy Sun 18-Jul-04 23:49:01

Hi Beatrice ,

When I weaned dd at 16 weeks ( now 21wks) She did exactly the same after about 3 weeks. I started her on babyrice which she loved - then introduced home made carrot and from that point she refused to open her mouth. When I did manage to get something in she wouldnt move her mouth at all - shed just burst into tears!!!
Your dd has been onsolids longer than mine was when we started having probs, but I just gave no food for a few days then went straight back to baby rice which she took fine. Then I would blend homemade veg with babyrice, reducing the amount of Baby rice I put in until it was just veg she was eating.
That worked for us. Hope it helps you . If it doesnt I personallly would drop all foods for a few weeks. Let us know how u get on . cuppyx

poppyseed Mon 19-Jul-04 00:02:38

Is she hungry? Has she just had her milk? Does she like carrot? Lots of questions - sorry! Our DD was the same and I found that she just didn't like the food - have to agree with her I wouldn't eat pureed carrot if you paid me!! She loved mixtures of veg and anything sweet (parsnip, carrot and swede).... with all the soft fruit about at the mo she might like a nectarine whizzed up or to give you some better ideas try the Annabel Carmel book which helped me with my first. If all else fails try a jar or two (bad mummy tut, tut! ) at least if she refuses it you don't take it as a personal insult... You can always then replicate the mix yourself in a home-made way.

Beatrice Mon 19-Jul-04 00:03:28

Thanks cuppy, but I've already tried going back to just rice, and also mixing the rice with veg. The reason I'm getting a bit worried is that it doesn't seem to be the taste of things she's unhappy with, more like the whole process of eating. Perhaps it's time to stop for a while.

JulieF Mon 19-Jul-04 00:09:25

It sounds llike she isn't ready. Stop, relax, wait a few weeks then maybe try again.

I have a few friends who are doing this new baby led weaning where they wait til 6 months then just offer finger food and let them play/eat/whatever. They say it is so much easier than the tradidional mush at 4 months weaning.

I have to say I found mush at 4 months easy with dd but 5 month old ds is no where near ready to start.

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