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Spitting out water - help

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BensonMadcat Wed 16-Aug-17 11:22:44

DD is 11 months old. Weaning has gone very slowly for us and HV has advised to cut down on breastfeeds to ensure she's getting sufficiently hungry for food. I'm trying to do this slowly but more worried about dehydration. She drinks nothing. She can suck water out of the sippy cup but always just spits it out - it's a game. I am less worried about food as she does eat a bit, but I don't want to push her to the point of desperate thirst in order to figure out she needs to swallow the water! Any suggestions?

Kingfishergreen Thu 17-Aug-17 11:24:07

DD is also a water spitter (10mo) sometimes she seems to store-up several sips of it, just to spit it out all in one go.

We're using a pretty standard method of congratulating her when she swallows it well, and ignoring it when she spits it out.

When she's hardly drunk any water that day, we give her more milk (she's FF), we also make sure that her diet has lots of fruit/veg in it partly for the water content (cucumber is a winner).

We've found she also swallows very dilute fruit juice better than plain water (we're talking a tiny drop of apple juice in a cup of water). But of course juice isn't great for their teeth, so we don't do that often.

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