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jess28593 Tue 15-Aug-17 12:30:28

My little girl is 7 months have worked up to 3 meals a day and now we're just having a constant struggle she's not intrested in milk of food, things she loved she won't try anymore tried finger foods homemade jars hot cold just don't know what else to do I normally get some food in her and a few bottles but my partners even worse he's not persistently offering and it makes me conscious that when I'm at work she's not eating she also has cmpa so we're avoiding milk which makes the food we give her even more limited is it a phase?

kingfishergreen Thu 17-Aug-17 11:28:37

In my experience, 7mo is still very young to be having 3 meals a day, or getting most of her calories from solids. At that stage with DD it was just about offering her lots of different things, to broaden her tastes.

DD's now 10mo and her eating goes through phases, sometimes she'll eat anything she's given, sometimes she'll reject everything. She tends to eat a little better if she's warmed-up with a breadstick or stick of fruit before a meal.

She is more likely to reject food we've cooked, but will usually eat a fair bit of an Ella's Kitchen pouch.

All-in-all (so long as she's normal weight) don't stress about solids, babies self-regulate, if she's hungry she'll either eat, or drink her milk, and she'll get to grips with solids in her own time.

jess28593 Fri 25-Aug-17 10:55:59

Sorry should of explained she's cmpa and it's been a real struggle with the milk so she's on the 25th centile for weight but 91st for height her dietician would like the idea ly to be on the same centile so although the 25th centile isn't usually considered underweight he has said they're too far apart so been as she won't drink any more milk recommended three meals a day she's a lot better now think her body's adjusting poor little think thankyou for your response xx

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