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weaning flavours: separate or mixed?

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SarahCaroline Sun 11-Jul-04 15:47:35

I seem to remember reading something when I was pregnant about introducing flavours to babies separately rather than mushing everything together, in order to encourage them to recognise and enjoy the distinct flavours of different foods. I think there had been some research into this. Annoyingly, I seem to have thrown the article away. What is everyone's opinion on this, and does anyone know where I can read about it?
(BTW my baby is 5.5 months and we're in the 4th week of weaning. She loves her food!)

handbagaddiction Sun 11-Jul-04 16:05:32

My health visitor also talked about this a little but - but I don't think I did anything about it until dd was about 7 months old. I'd have one cooked up recipe - like lentil and vegetable bake...and then 'on the side' I'd have some carrot and pea puree. Used to alternate the spoonfuls I was giving her and then sometime give her some of each on the same spoonful.

Now dd is nearly 10 months old I still do this - particularly when I give her meat dishes...guess I'm starting to turn her into a 'meat and two veg' queen!!

elliott Sun 11-Jul-04 16:17:02

well ds2 just gets whatever all mixed in together. Even with ds1 (when I had more time to worry about such things!) I'm pretty sure I mixed everything up together. I really don't think it matters one way or the other, tbh!

mummytojames Sun 11-Jul-04 23:34:35

the idea of weaning things seperately is to find any allergys but i used to do the if it goes together its blended together

Lisa78 Sun 11-Jul-04 23:48:24

I started on separate tastes, DS2 is now 8 months and I just chuck everything in!

Paula71 Mon 12-Jul-04 01:26:37

There are a lot of books, I got some great inspiration from books borrowed from the library! When ds twins (now 2 1/2) started out I did as you are doing and began on separates, then, as time went on I experimented or followed recipes on what went well together.

As a result both enjoy a wide mix of different foods and love fruit and veg. I don't know how much my plan worked but they do eat more than some kids I know and hate chicken nuggets! I have a notebook full of ideas and cuttings from articles, which is good as I can see what they liked and how their tastes have developed.

Paula71 Mon 12-Jul-04 01:28:09

I mean they eat more variety not that they are little piggies!

Chandra Mon 12-Jul-04 01:31:20

Well, introduce the flavour separately also could help YOU notice if your baby is reacting to a particular thing. Gina Ford's book of weaning has a very nice program for the first month of weaning which helps you to test all the ingredients before you do more *complex* food. Having an allergic child we found it invaluable.
Sorry if I'm repeating something somebody has said

PS If you decide to mix, never ever mix vegetables with banana, it tastes like the wheelie bin! Stupid Chandra!

meanmum Mon 12-Jul-04 01:42:29

Yes, you are supposed to do it for allergies but I figured (rightly or wrongly) that I didn't have any so ds shouldn't either and I'm also extremely lazy so just threw it all in together. Ds is a really good eater now so I don't think mixing things made it worse or better and it's just the way it is.

Chandra Mon 12-Jul-04 01:52:28

I'm lazy enough as to consider an advantage not having to mix apples with banana .

DH and I have not allergies... DS has eczema, asthma and hay fever, so better to err on the safe side

OldieMum Mon 12-Jul-04 02:07:48

I went for giving different foods separately at first, because of the possibility of allergies, but then moved on to giving several things at a time. I would try not to mix them in completely, so that dd would get used to the idea that food doesn't have to taste the same all the way through the meal - that flavours can change between spoonfuls.

moosh Mon 12-Jul-04 19:27:38

I am in my second week of weaning ds2 and I will do the same with him as I did with ds1. I gave seperate foods e.g. baby rice for a week then pear for 3 days then I gave them both pear in the a.m. and baby rice in thep.m. for a few days now I am going to introduce carrot and so on till he is 6 months. Then I will mix the foods, it seemed to work really well for ds1 as a babe (even though he is 4 now and is a terribly fussy eater).

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