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Can my 7 month old eat pate?

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TheSleeperandTheSpindle Fri 16-Jun-17 08:12:02

I'm trying to introduce lots of different flavours to my DS and remembered how much I love pate.

I thought I'd quickly check online before giving him some but I can't find a clear answer. Some websites are saying it's ok and some are saying I could give him a vitamin A overdose hmm

Pate isn't on the NHS list of foods to avoid so would a little on toast be ok?

FartnissEverbeans Fri 16-Jun-17 10:21:06

I did the same research and found the same non-answers. I gave him it anyway. He's only had it once (because I ate all the rest blush) but one online source said to limit it to once a week which sounds sensible, though twice would probably be ok as he really gets very little of it in his mouth!

He loved it btw

TheSleeperandTheSpindle Fri 16-Jun-17 10:48:29

I'm going to go for it, like you say he won't actually get much in anyway. He mostly enjoys smearing toast toppings up his arms grin

tappitytaptap Sun 18-Jun-17 10:04:48

Mine is 14 months and going through a bit of a picky phase (could be teething as he has no molars yet, who knows grin) and he adores pate - have just been to France and he had duck and lamb ones. I wondered about the vit A too but couldn't find anything saying not to. He grabbed it off our plates anyway!

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