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NewMummy579 Thu 25-May-17 11:29:28

Looking for some weaning advice please!

Have started weaning my 6months DS around a week ago and he is loving it - trying to take it slow but he would happily eat 3 meals a day and snacks if I let him! At the moment we have breakfast or lunch (baby porridge & fruit or a veggie mix) and dinner. He gets breastmilk in between before going for naps (always been a catnapper, 4 or 5 half hour naps either in the car or upstairs with baby monitor on).
He is also breastfed during the night but gets formula at bedtime (has done since a month old otherwise he would be up in two hours wanting more). He has a good bedtime routine, has a dummy and is still in our room. most nights goes down easily excluding the usual teething probs we have recently encountered.

My questions are 1 - he hasn't dropped any night time feeds (up 2-3 times a night) and never slept through. Was hoping he would once we started solids! Nothing settles him until a feed whether it's breast milk or formula feeds. Any advice?!

And also, should I be letting him wean at his own pace (very quickly so it seems) or try hold him back a little? Worried about overloading his little tummy too fast in.

Any advice gratefully appreciated :-)

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 25-May-17 19:35:08

He's 6 months - it's very early days to be dropping feeds. He won't really be consuming that much and milk is much more calorific and nutritious. Give it a few more months and you may see a difference. However, he may start dropping day feeds and carry on overnight - they're nice like that!! grin

Not sure about the amount of meals, I did BLW with DD and will be starting again with DS in a few weeks. I think 3 meals by about 8 months might ring a bell?

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