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6.5 month old constipated?

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Stripeystripes Mon 08-May-17 14:55:34

This has probably been done to death, but all the advice I read doesn't apply perfectly so thought I'd ask again!

I weaned my 6.5 month old when he was a week off six months (he was overdue and very ready for food). He doesn't love purées and prefers to do baby led weaning. I try and give him a mix of both.

He's breastfed and hasn't dropped any feeds, he's just adding food into his diet.

For breakfast he gets a banana, lunch today was homemade pesto (seeds, basil, olive oil) on pasta. He sucked the pesto off (no salt, no cheese). Last night he had a some veg and some meat (no salt, again just sort of sucked and gnawed away) and I attempted to give him a baby pouch. He had a little, but not much.

Is the sort of food I'm giving him wrong?

I'm sure being constipated at his age isn't a great sign! blush

Anyway, tmi, but his poo is small and hard and not soft and, erm, volumous anymore!

MrsChopper Mon 08-May-17 14:58:26

Does he have banana every day? I know it gives my DS awful constipation. Try giving him something different for a few days. Apples are really good at getting things going again.

Stripeystripes Mon 08-May-17 14:59:13

He does! It's my lazy breakfast for him! Ok that's good to know. I will hold off on the bananas for a bit!

FluffyBathTowel Mon 08-May-17 15:01:08

Bananas made my DD constipated too. She's just turned 10 months and it took me a few weeks to cop on to the fact that this was the cause. She was having one almost daily blush still feel guilty

MrsChopper Mon 08-May-17 15:01:48

It's most likely the bananas then, they are very starchy. Do you offer him water with his dinners? That might gelp as well.

MrsChopper Mon 08-May-17 15:02:33


pardreg Mon 08-May-17 15:18:13

Green tinged bananas = constipating
Brown speckled banana = 💩

Stripeystripes Mon 08-May-17 17:12:45

Haha! Ok sounds like it's definitely the banana a day then! blush better pause on that for a while!

edengarden123 Mon 08-May-17 22:35:49

Yep it's the bananas. Pears are brilliant for getting things moving so I would always give cooked pears if I was giving banana.

Stripeystripes Mon 08-May-17 22:47:57

eden - that's a great tip. He loves bananas. Haven't tried pear yet, but they're nicely in season now!

Stripeystripes Mon 08-May-17 22:48:03

(Well, almost)

FartnissEverbeans Tue 09-May-17 13:10:51

I agree with edengarden123 - bananas make DS stuffed up but some pear purée sorted it right out

CosyPinkBlanket Mon 15-May-17 20:10:20

As you're still breastfeeding, you could try drinking a glass or two of fresh orange juice. That and giving my dd some prunes got things moving! If that doesn't work then you can get lactose solution from the pharmacy.

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