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Weaning a reflux child

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dodi1978 Wed 22-Mar-17 12:58:11

DS is coming up to 6 months. I have started weaning (just a bit of fruit puree and baby porridge).

He has got reflux, but we have never medicated him. He has never seemed to be in pain from it, sleeps well (as well as can be expected from a 6 month old anyway), and is gaining weight on the 25th centile, so we didn't really want to mess with it. A happy boy... just one that can constantly bring up bits of milk... that can happen five minutes after a feed or two hours after... Keeps my washing machine busy.

So, anyway, what are your experiences of weaning a reflux child? So far, so good... he is still working out where the spoon goes, but I think a bit at least is going down. So far, I have only done pureed stuff, but I will introduce some finger food as well. He doesn't sit unaided yet, but is ok in the high chair.

My weaning pattern is, so far, rather random. Depending on when he wakes up in the morning, I sometimes do solids first, then milk... or the other way round. I also have to deal with DS1 who is in pre-school, so what I do and in what order also depends on his moods and cooperation.

Any tips and experiences would be appreciated! It's early days for us still :-)!

Sophiesausage Wed 22-Mar-17 16:03:06

My daughter was the same with milk. Tonnes of washing, constant bibs, muslins galore! Comfort milk helped as a little thicker but weaning has helped massively. She's taken to food in a big way. She's eight months old now, had big bowl of porridge for breakfast, yoghurt mid morning, a sachet of Ella's kitchen at lunch, then another Ella's for tea, plus toast( only a tiny bit makes it in the mouth, the dog gets a lot!) followed by a pudding. Still having 3-4 7oz bottles a day and mostly sleeping through. Good luck with weaning!

dodi1978 Fri 24-Mar-17 09:50:04

Thanks for your reply!

I do hope it gets better... we had a day recently on which we went through almost all of our babygros...

Thinking about giving him a bill on his 18th for all the formula drunk but then lost smile

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