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weaning woes

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hazlinh Mon 28-Jun-04 05:18:13

after tolerating a couple of weeks of 20-wk dd showing eagerness to try out adult food (which led to anger when we didnt oblige!) , have just started weaning her this weekend, with some baby rice made with ebm, as seems to be recommended by everyone, incl my newly-bought annabel karmel book! unfortunately dd doesnt seem keen on it at all, barely taking in a teaspoon's worth and preferring to watch tv insted! problem is, she seems really constipated after 2 days of babyrice, even grunting, and her poo is much er, harder than before! (sorry to be graphic!)resembles goats droppings, according to my mum!altho she is exagerating a touch.Is it ok if i skip the babyrice and move on to something like carrots or apples? or is there something else i can do, to alleviate constipation?shd i stop weaning for the timebeing?i know most ppl say to continue with babyrice for abt 2 weeks

fee77 Mon 28-Jun-04 08:20:37

My DD wasn't interested in baby rice, so after a couple of days we moved on to pureed fruit or veg., which went down much better! Keep it simple though, and introduce one taste at a time. The constipation seems a common problem. I was told that because they have more substance, they are learning to push! The fruit should loosen her up!!
As for watching TV, i am a really strict mum, in that she always eats in the dining room, away from the telly.
Keep persevering!

ginababe Mon 28-Jun-04 16:52:44

combining baby rice with apple will actually make her more constipated, try mixing two teaspoonfuls of pear puree to one teaspoonful of mixed baby rice. Apple and banana mixed with baby rice will cause constipation with some babies, so should be introduced with caution

oneofeach Mon 28-Jun-04 19:45:16

Hazlinh, don't be too deterred. It took my DD (nearly 8 months now) a good couple of weeks to get into weaning. I even posted on here because I was so worried. She didn't seem to want the spoon in her mouth. However, she gradually got into it and now seems to enjoy anything. She seemed to like pear, and pear mixed with butternut squash was a real fave. Sweet potatoes seems good too for when she gets going a bit. My DD is constipated at the moment too, she is teething so I'm putting it down to that. Best wishes, I bet in a months time you'll be wondering where all the food is going!

Tommy Mon 28-Jun-04 19:55:46

Agree with the others! Baby rice is pretty yucky as far as I can tell. DS2 only had it for about 2 days. Go for the fruit and/or veg - carrots went down well with DS2 and banana (although the poo will really surprise you after that one! )

Piffleoffagus Mon 28-Jun-04 19:59:36

we went straight onto fruit which was puked up (apples and pears) so we opted for sweet potato and carrots, this went down well, this was at 6 mths...
I'd give dd a rest for a day or two til her bowels get back in order then try again with some fruit maybe...

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