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Ella's Kitchen and weaning books worth it?

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GemSingleton Thu 09-Mar-17 16:12:21

My son is almost 5 months and I'm looking forward to when he turns 6 months to try him on different things. My question is, is it worth getting weaning books, like Ella's kitchen and other weaning recipe books or not? I know we have a wealth of knowledge on the internet but sometimes it's nice to read from an actual book. I have a couple of cook books Marry Berry etc and love that. But not sure if it's worth the money for only a few months?

AveEldon Fri 10-Mar-17 14:19:02

Boots do a freebie Ella's kitchen book with their advantage card

Lilypurple Fri 10-Mar-17 14:23:42

Not worth it. Food has salt and sugar in it so you may as well adapt your own recipes. I think sainsburys have a lovely weaning recipe book that whole family can eat.

AveEldon Fri 10-Mar-17 22:46:00

Or borrow from your local library

Jenniferb21 Fri 10-Mar-17 22:55:06

Annabel karmel is absolutely brilliantly for education and recipes I couldn't of done as well without it x

Only1scoop Fri 10-Mar-17 22:56:15

The A K one followed by the toddler one. Brilliant

shirleycartersaidso Fri 10-Mar-17 22:57:47

Yes for ideas how to make normal food baby friendly if you're not a cook, normally loads in the library.

HandbagFan Sat 11-Mar-17 11:06:13

I bought the BLW recipe book and have been using it regularly for ideas for meals we can all eat as a family. It's mostly pretty simple stuff my mum always used to cook but it's useful to have a recipe to follow!

Hellmouth Sat 11-Mar-17 11:11:55

I was given the Ella kitchen book by a friend and I have found it useful so far. Would be more useful if DS would open his mouth tho! He's 8 months old and refuses to open his gob for anything lol

GemSingleton Mon 13-Mar-17 14:52:47

Thank you for all the responses. I'll have a look around the supermarkets see what I can find. Wasn't sure wether to just blend some foods up and mix it up with other flavours when he gets to 6 months. I was thinking of doing a mixture of BLW and purée. At least with the purée you know how much is actually going in and not on the floor lol

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