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BLW & Liquid intake

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WhaleOfATale Thu 09-Mar-17 08:18:10

Worried that DC is not taking in enough liquids as nappies are starting to firm up (not constipated, just more like a "proper" poo rather than baby poo now)- or is this normal now they're on solids?

Typical day is:
7ish: formula of anything between 3-8oz
9ish: breakfast- either porridge (2oz of full fat milk) with fruit or toast, yogurt & fruit
11ish: 3-6oz formula. Considering dropping this one as DC takes a long time to drink this one and doesn't seem to actually want anything more than the first 1oz
1.30ish: lunch (last few days has been Philadelphia sandwich with tomato/cucumber and fruit, steamed veg with tuna steak & fruit, avacado on toast with fruit)
3ish: 6-7oz formula
5.30: dinner (usually steamed or roasted veg with some form of protein and fruit)
7ish: 7-8oz formula
11ish: 4-8oz formula

DC has water with meals (in a beaker) but not really interested. Doesn't want to know at all between mealtimes. Would you say they're getting enough water/liquid? And how would you increase water intake throughout the day- should I be dropping more bottles?

Semaphorically Thu 09-Mar-17 08:26:03

DD's poo did change as we started to wean. Unless it's hard little rabbit poos I wouldn't be too concerned.

From what I understand about weaning, generally babies will regulate their own fluid intake quite well while they wean as long as you're offering enough liquid (milk, generally, unless it's a really hot day).

We never offered DD water (until she was nearly 18 months), only milk, and she was never constipated. Of course also make sure the food has no salt, as that and will make them thirsty (and potentially damage kidneys).

Why are you staggering the formula, out of interest? We treated it as part of the meal - offered it straight after solid food. Other than that we fed milk on demand based on cues.

Heirhelp Thu 09-Mar-17 08:34:00

With blw it is recommended milk is given 30 to 60 mins before food.

Poo changes sound normal. Does her like his cup? At first we tried an open cup but my lo prefer a tommy tippee one as she can do it completely herself.

WhaleOfATale Thu 09-Mar-17 08:34:28

That's ok then- definitely not rabbit poo!

We were told by our HV to stagger milk/food so when DC is eating solids, they are not over-hungry and getting frustrated not are they filling up on milk rather than "proper food". The times we offer DC bottle is based on feeding cues (apart from the 7ish bottle which is part of bedtime routine)- they then wake again around 11 for a "top-up" which sees them through til morning

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