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When cooking food for a baby, can you use wine?

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Ceebee74 Thu 01-Mar-07 20:19:46

Before anyone jumps on me from a great height, I don't intend to get my DS drunk!

It is just that I cook lots of yummy dishes (spag bol, risottos etc) that would be great to mash up and freeze for DS but I do put a bit of wine in them during the cooking process.

Would this be ok on the basis that by the time they are cooked, all the alcohol will have evaporated off?

Does anyone know - don't want to get DS drunk intentionally!

morningpaper Thu 01-Mar-07 20:22:47

I do - like you say, the alcohol evaporates

Most of them cook for an hour or two first

I might not give her a sauce that had only boiled for a few minutes

Then again I might

BarefootDancer Thu 01-Mar-07 20:38:12

Why not do the dish without wine and drink it yourself instead just to make sure the alcohol isn't wasted?

NAB3 Thu 01-Mar-07 20:39:29

I wouldn't for a child under 1. Your child though.

BonyM Thu 01-Mar-07 20:41:03

As you say, alcohol will evaporate. I use it in dishes that I give to dds and they've never suffered any ill effects!

wannaBeWhateverIWannaBe Thu 01-Mar-07 20:42:08

the alcohol evaporates within 5 minutes. and it is actually possible to tell if there is any alcohol is left as you can smell it as it evaporates off the top.

claireybee Sat 03-Mar-07 13:36:47

I do. She's never shown any side effects and the alcohol all evaporates anyway.

JodieG1 Sat 03-Mar-07 13:41:06

I'd use a small amount in a spag bol etc as it cooks for so long anyway and as others have said the alcohol evaporates but I wouldn't use it otherwise.

Fonk Sat 03-Mar-07 13:41:18


it doesn't all evaporate because the food won't heat uniformly. oh its a long chemical story


I wouldn't

Blandmum Sat 03-Mar-07 13:49:33

yes you can. Dh had a problem with his pancrea (has cancer now but that is another story) and couldn't have alcohol at all, not even the amount of sherry in a sherry trifle. However we were told that he could have wine in food as long as it was cooked for a very long time.....they way you do with a spag bog.

the alcohol boils off at a much lower temperature than the rest of the food cooks at

Fonk Sat 03-Mar-07 13:53:06

i KNEW if I said that mb would be the next poster

i KNEW it

and I was right


my chemistry teacher said no

but she was utterly weird anyway

Blandmum Sat 03-Mar-07 14:07:22

sorry to be predictable!

googled for the fine detail ' alcohol has a boiling point of 78.3 degC' so it will boil 20 odd degrees lower than the food that you are cooking

Fonk Sat 03-Mar-07 17:54:16

oh i assumed it was that thing where theres some of variation in a. boiling point of any given molecule or b. just the fact that food isn't heated evenly throughout

I suppose though...I mean, you'd taste it, wouldn't you?

hows the scarf?

Gobbledigook Sat 03-Mar-07 17:56:14

I never did when mine were under 1ish - after that I did. Ds3 is 2 and he has spag bol with red wine in it.

DetentionGrrrl Sun 04-Mar-07 10:33:14

i use it but boil the arse off it so there's no booze left.

aDad Sun 04-Mar-07 10:35:54

you can use stock or small amounts of vinegar can work well for deglazing.

Ceebee74 Sun 04-Mar-07 17:46:21

Thanks for all the replies on this - I think I will give it a whirl but make sure it cooks for ever!

Blandmum Sun 04-Mar-07 17:50:02

Thing is if you cook with wine you tend to cook it for a long time, so the booze cooks off, leaving behind the other bits in thw wine that add flavour, bit not the ethanol itself.

Lightly cooked stuff would risk there being some ethanol left

NOOEYOUKNOW Wed 12-Apr-17 20:19:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BlueDaBaDee Wed 12-Apr-17 20:27:09

😂 calm down dear

Owllady Wed 12-Apr-17 20:30:12

They are all adults that are ten years older and the OP must have a ten year old by now grin

TittyGolightly Wed 12-Apr-17 20:35:14

One of DC's favourite things to eat when baby led weaning was fruitcake where the fruit had been soaked in tea and whisky.

She also loved risotto and bolognaise with wine in, a sip of her dad's homebrew and steak with peppercorn and brandy sauce.

LotisBlue Wed 12-Apr-17 20:39:55

Perhaps the op will pop back to confirm whether her ten year old is now a raging alcoholic as a result of miniscule amount of wine he once consumed in a risotto when he was 9 months old grin

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