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constipation - any tips

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Lovage Wed 28-Feb-07 14:30:06

My poor baby (7 months, only just starting BWL, BF) has just had constipation, I think - still quite runny but seemed to be distressing him until passed and a little bit of blood visible on his bum afterwards. He hadn't gone for 3 days and he's usually a several-times-a-day boy, so I think this probably does count as constipation despite the texture!

He's really not very keen on solids, so I can't think what he's eaten that's caused the problem. He hasn't had banana cos he doesn't seem to like it and no baby rice. The only thing he seems to have eaten much of is mini-wheats (like mini shredded wheats) which are quite fibrous - can too much fibre cause constipation in babies?! Things he's mouthed and eaten tiny amounts of are: semi-rehydrated dried apricots and prunes, steamed cauliflower and brocoli, bread/toast and butter, chocolate cake, raw fennel, celery, cucumber and carrot. None of these seem like 'bung you up' things to me! He is teething at the moment, but I thought that usually caused the opposite problem (no nappy rash so the bleeding isn't from that (and has stopped now anyway))

Any suggestions and any ideas for other things I can feed him to help? He's really not eating much solids at all so it's not just a case of 'feed him prunes' because he's not keen on eating anything really. I don't want to stop doing BLW as he hates being spoon fed. He does seem to quite like the dried apricots but I think they're a bit tough for him to actually swallow.

suejonez Wed 28-Feb-07 14:31:56

apricot nectar works a treat (slightly thicker than juice) or you could soak apricots overnight and puree them.

suejonez Wed 28-Feb-07 14:33:37

though re-reading your post - it doesn;t sound like constipation if its runny. I think you should speak to doctor or HV and ask. Possibly is very acidic because of teething and is burning his bum if it is sore. Try treating with metanium and/or vasoline.

nicnaksmum Wed 28-Feb-07 14:33:50

Have you tried giving him sips of water to up his fluid intake? Dilute apple or pear juice is also suposed to help. My dd (8 nmonths) has also had this problem and i think that the apple and pear helped her. I guess a lot of it is just little tummies getting used to processing proper food.

Guard Wed 28-Feb-07 14:39:12

My DD2 was constipated from pretty early on despite being breastfed - so GOOD LUCK !!. I tried loads of things and we are still going aged 2 1/2. Wheat can cause constipation not sure why as it's not an intolerance... (we have tried wheat free with some success), dairy I also hear can be an issue but I wasn't going to try it as by the time we got to this point she was weaned but won't do soya etc and I didn't want to risk no calcium. So maybe try to stick to veg and fruit (+ rice cakes) and see if it gets better + lots of fluid (not just milk). I made the mistake of trying to manage it myself and poor thing got scared of pooing (as it hurt) and I def wish I had acted sooner... Doctor gave us lactulose (which we still do a lot of).... If you hear of a magic cure let me know !!!

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