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How much is too much food for a 7 month old?

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bev27 Tue 27-Feb-07 21:32:44

So Oscar has the following in a day:

Breakfast - 200ml formula & 1 weetabix with milk (v messy)

Snack - 100ml formula

Lunch - 4 ice cubes of what ever I can be bothered to make that week & a fromage frais

Snack - 100ml formula

Tea - 4 ice cubes of whatever (see above) and some kind of pud (like rice pud or fruit)

Bedtime - 200ml milk

So is this too much or not?

I'm v confused

EmsTomot Tue 27-Feb-07 22:00:51

My eight month old has:

Breakfast - 5-6 oz of milk + porridge with fresh fruit puree (or half a weetabix with the same)

In between breakfast and lunch - half a rusk and some juice or some fresh fruit pieces

Lunch - a whole can of Heinz 7 month + pasta based feed with yoghurt or fruit rice pudding

Afternoon - 2-4 oz of milk

Tea - The equivelent of a whole can of Heinz food, but my own cooking of whatever I can be bothered to do likewise and a pudding.

Bed - 5-9 oz of milk

He weights 22 and 1/2 pounds, is moving around crazily and seems very content - he eats what he wants and if he has too much, I know because he will bring a bit back! - He cries if he is not full and gets fussy when he is. I would let your baby tell you what they want - but it doesn't sound too much to me!

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