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BLW question?

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luath Mon 26-Feb-07 11:18:01

DD is 6 months today. Started weaning at 5 moths due to HV advice...went ok for fist week or so but now DD refuses to open her mouth for anything and blows raspberries if I try to put anything on her lips! ....i get the message she doesn't want it! She can take the puree of the spoon or my finger but appears she just doesn't want to! tried annabel Karmel recipies...all same result! Am thinking of giving up on purees etc and going down the BLW route. Dd shows loads of interest when I'm eating squealing and getting very excited and will play with my spoon....however if I give her anything to eat eg bit of pear etc she just holds it briefly then drops it....very rarely she puts it to her mouth but makes no attempt to suck on it! Is she too young for BLW? SHould I keep on offering things on her tray or should I actually put things into her hand!? Am stressing slighhtly ....any reassurance greatly received!

DizzyBint Mon 26-Feb-07 11:21:59

just put stuff on her tray, and keep giving her milk as normal. blw is waiting until they CAN feed themselves. so all you have to do is put food infront of them.

read this first

luath Mon 26-Feb-07 11:50:44

thanks dizzybint that helps. So basically I shouldn't put things up to her mouth for her she'll do that herself. Is my Dd at just 6 months too young then? When do they actually get that pincer movement? it normally nearer 7 months? can probably tell I'm a first time mum?!

DizzyBint Mon 26-Feb-07 12:05:23

yes. the whole idea is just plonk stuff infront of her. then when she is ready she will pick it up and eat it. until she can do this she isn't ready. so yes you might stress she isn't eating, some don't until past 7 months. but it's ok if they're getting their milk as normal. then as they get into the food, they lose interest in the milk. is very helpful too. but make sure you've read that link i gave earlier.

lots of people can't get their head round blw cos they like to see their baby getting their solids in (easier to mush it and spoon it in than wait for it to happen). so if you're fairly chilled, can stand the wrath of HVs (if you see them!) and possibly MILs then go for it and good luck!

luath Mon 26-Feb-07 12:09:53

thanks dizzybint. I'll give BLW a go. I think DD dislike having spoon feeds and is possibly just not ready yet at all but as spooning hasn't been a success BLW would seem the logical next step!

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