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6.5mo weaning difficulties

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MaverickSnoopy Mon 30-Jan-17 08:31:33

DD has never been a big eater, taking on average 24oz in 24hrs but thriving and tracking on the 91st centile. During growth spurts she will take 30oz and since starting weaning has dropped down to 18oz. Started weaning at 6mo and she's not interested. Tried spoon feeding with no success. Now doing blw with fractionally more success. She refuses breakfast in any form point blank. Yesterday for lunch she had half a baby rice cake, for dinner she had nothing. Dinner the day before she managed a bite of carrot stick and half a baby spoon of mashed potato. Small amounts but maybe right for her age?

We have tried weaning one hour after milk but she's just not hungry. HV suggested that we try weaning before milk as she is so reluctant and to feed dairy rich foods due to low milk intake. Have tried but DD works herself up into a state and then ends up needing milk earlier than normal and of course taking less.

Routine is loosely...
730am wake and milk (approx 3oz)
(830 - 900 school run)
930am - 1115am nap
1130am milk (approx 4oz)
1245pm - 100pm nap
(245 - 320pm school run)
330pm milk (approx 5oz)
400pm - 430pm nap
730pm milk and bed (approx 7oz)

We can't change the sleep routine and the Milk routine seems to be at the right times, i.e. When she's asking so I don't really know want to change that. However we are struggling to fit in food. I don't want to decease her milk to fit in food because she's already not having much. I know it's just fun at this age but something feels very off about what she's having (or not having).

I should add that I'm suspicious of lactose intolerance....
She's also teething but has been since 3wo confused

I've lost perspective with this and would be grateful for some fresh eyes.

Pipsicola Mon 30-Jan-17 21:08:27

I breastfed my DD so can't advise about quantities of milk, however timings for milk seem reasonable. It might just be that she's not got the hang of food yet - I'm not sure my DD really ate much until 8 months (ish) but then things just suddenly improved. I thinking picking a time in the morning or lunch time (1pm looks good in your routine) and just keeping it relaxed, try different things and see how it goes. Hope that helps.

littledinaco Mon 30-Jan-17 21:17:14

I've always just fed mine when I ate (if they were awake) and if they ate they ate and if not they didn't. If they were asleep, I just left it until the next time I ate.
Some days they didn't eat at all other days they ate loads. Some days, I literally couldn't even tell you what had been eaten/what had been dropped on the floor! (I did BLW).
I breastfed though so not sure if this makes any difference but I would say at this age, don't worry. They all eat when they are ready, just keep offering food.

Heirhelp Tue 31-Jan-17 15:59:34

With blw it is normal for them to take months to 'get' that you eat food. As long as your little one has plenty of wet and dirty nappies and is gaining weight it is fine.

MaverickSnoopy Tue 07-Feb-17 09:58:43

Thanks for the advice. I think we're getting somewhere slowly. Very slowing. I had no idea that it was normal for blw to be slower. Haven't looked into it at all. Just did it when she refused to spoon feed. Dd1 was mostly purees with some finger food so I'm clueless.

She still doesn't really like breakfast (although we had success this morning, but we skipped dinner last night due to a late nap) but is keen on lunch and breakfast. Still very small quantities but she has enthusiasm now...although it takes about an hour. Very glad I posted. Thanks.

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