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is it normal for a 15 month old to not eat alot?

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vnmum Sun 25-Feb-07 16:07:50

my DS is nearly 15 months old and seems to have completely gone off his food. he is still breastfed and has food allergies to cows milk and egg but we have been altering his diet accordingly. his appetite has never been massive but recently he seems to only eat one meal aday if we're lucky.

he picks at his breakfast, isnt interested in fruit or snacks, pushes his lunch away and then will eat his dinner but not loads.

he sits at the table with us and when he has had enough he pushes his plate away. he wont let us feed him and when he has eaten his meal he isnt interested in pudding so its pointless offereing him that.

he normally has porridge or cereal for breakfast, soup with toast or toast or pitta bread with houmous or sandwich for lunch, then whatever we're having for dinner which can be spag bol, curry, mushroom risotto, sheperds pie, all of which he likes and eats some of but not loads.

is this a normal stage of development at his age, like fussy eating or is it omething i should be worrying about?

i do give him a multivit supplement and he seems to have plenty of energy and is meeting his milestones, its just a worry when he seems not to eat as i keep reading that toddlers should be having 3 meals aday plus snacks inbetween.

ChipButty Sun 25-Feb-07 16:11:16

Found both of mine had phases like this, followed by days when they would eat loads. I wouldn't worry unless he is losing weight or showing no interest at all in food. Children will always eat when they're hungry and I guess it doesn't always coincide with the mealtimes we have as adults.

vnmum Sun 25-Feb-07 16:14:44

yes but the thing is he doesnt seem to want to eat snacks either. i havent had him weighed for a bit as last time he lost weight HV made it seem realy bad, he had then gained quite alot the time after that that he was weighed

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