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What is next after purees????

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eenybeeny Sun 25-Feb-07 10:35:02

Hi all, I didnt do BLW with my son who is almost 7 months old. We started him on purees which he has been having for a little while now. My question is, what foods do I feed him next?? What comes after purees but before really solid food that he could choke on? He doesnt have any teeth and only seems JUST capable of eating the purees, I dont have great confidence with him and food. Any advice would be appreciated.

kbaby Sun 25-Feb-07 11:22:19

Buy the Annebel Karmel weaning book as the meals natrually lead you through the stages but basically it goes like this. BTW my DS is 7 months also and is now on finger food and mashed fish pie and blended chicken casserole..

Stage 1 - Pureed veg and fruit,

Stage 2 - Pureed meals with protein ie chicken/cheese/fish

Stage 3 approx 7 months - blended meat but mashed veg, fruit. Finger foods such as rice cakes/toast/cooked carrots

Stage 4 -middle/end of 7 months - mashed everything and finely shreaded meat. Dont over mash leave a few lumps of veg etc and also start adding baby pasta to some meals. Gradually stop mashing but just mixing with a fork building upto lumpy/corse food by 8/9 months.

It does depend on the meals you do. For instance bolognaise I would blend to just break up the mince and the same with chicken but then fish I just mash up.

Hope this helps. I really recommend the book though as the recipies I would never have thought of and she introduces the right foods and the right stages.

nearlythree Sun 25-Feb-07 11:55:30

Soft finger foods are a great way of getting babies used to texture - things like baby rice cakes, soft cooked fruit and veg, flakes of fish etc. I give ds a mix of puree and finger foods and this worked well with dd1 too.

eenybeeny Sun 25-Feb-07 17:07:50

thanks both of you for your replies. We are both vegetarian (me and DH) and plan on raising DS to be one as well so I couldnt serve him the meat but the general idea of what you were saying with textures and things is helpful!

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