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weaning at 5-6 months need advice ,new mum!! anyone used gina ford for weaning?

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alibo Tue 22-Jun-04 09:55:16

my ds is 20 weeks on Sunday, not started weaning yet, as is still taking relatively small milk feeds, breast am, 4-5oz bottles at 11.00, 2.30, breast and bottle top up at 6.00, and bottle at 10.00pm. Sleeps well, 7.15 ish pm till 10.00pm, and then 10.30pm ish till 7.30ish. Know it is important that he doesn't cut back on his milk any further. Will probably move onto all bottles soon, as in last few weeks seems to be less interested in breast feeding.
Have used gf routines for a while and seems to be working for him, but am concerned that her weaning book starts for weaning at 4 months, and not sure how to adapt this for later weaning. Has anyone done this? Have also read a few threads from mums saying that certain things in her book, caused poblems for baby, eg. baby rice causing them pain, and surprised that she uses pear as a first food. Also giving rice and fruit straight before bed with a milk feed seems a lot, but I have never done this before!! Any advice would be appreciated!

NettiSulvetti Tue 22-Jun-04 10:29:26

Hi Alibo

I too started weaning my ds at just after 5 months on the gf weaning book and had no problems at all. I just followed the book from the begininng rather than trying to bring ds up to his age level (if that makes sense!) I pretty much followed the routines until ds was over one year and now I still use many of the recipies, which ds seems to like better than other meals I make.

I hope this helps!

cuppy Tue 22-Jun-04 10:40:54

Hi Alibo,

Im weaning dd ( 18 weeks) at the moment. I do have the gf book and am not following the routine but am using her first foods as a guide.

Cant offer much advise really except take things really slowly. I give dd her last solids about 4 / 4.30 pm and she has her last milk at 6.30/7pm. And I make sure i only give one new food every 3 days.


P.s enjoy - it gets really messy!!!!

alibo Tue 22-Jun-04 10:43:03

Thanks NettiSulvetti, haven't got the book yet, but read a couple of threads that some of her recipes need 101 ingredients! Did you find this?

bbensley Tue 22-Jun-04 11:02:22

Hi Alibo
I've been leaving messages for you
I have just started the Gina Ford weaning thing, very messy but we are getting better at it.
I am meeting another mum from newark on friday if you fancy it?

alibo Tue 22-Jun-04 12:19:04

Hi there Bbensley, just read your messages!! Would like to meet up, but will find 11.30 a struggle as ds has feed and goes to bed at 12 at the moment. Trying to get him to have it in his pram, but no luck yet!! Could you and Shanequa do 2.30, 3ish one day?

muminlondon Tue 22-Jun-04 13:07:13

Hi alibo, I think you're doing the right thing by starting later than 4 months when babies can tolerate things better. My DD didn't like pear at 20 weeks but only a few weeks later she could tolerate a wider variety of things, probably because she was sitting up properly by then and her digestive system had developed. Gina Ford's book isn't bad at all - it's all trial and error. I liked the NCT First Foods handbook too, and you can take what appeals from either of the books. Good luck.

bbensley Tue 22-Jun-04 17:34:21

Alibo I'll reply on the newark thread or this one will get too confusing
I'm sure we can to 2:30 one day.

bbensley Tue 22-Jun-04 17:35:18

oh yeah another thing my dd was 22 weeks when i started and she was a bit wary the first week but this week is much better

NettiSulvetti Thu 24-Jun-04 15:58:52

Hi Alibo

Sorry I haven't written back sooner!

In the beginning I would just boil or steam different types of veggies or fruit that gf recommended and then pureed and froze them. Then I would just unthaw as many cubes as needed for the meal. I think for the first little while I would give each food on its own, then later I would mix cubes of different veggies together. It was actually so easy I've been a bit lazy about progressing to more complex meals.

Some of her recipies are more complex than I can be bothered with, so I just stick to the more basic ones which are pretty easy to prepare if you have the ingredients (which always seems to be my problem!). Anyway ds now 15 months does eat quite a variety of things, but I think we may now just be starting on his picky phase!

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