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Fussy toddler and 10 month old

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Strawclutching Fri 13-Jan-17 15:43:44

I have a fussy toddler who mainly eats pasta, bacon, toast, baked beans, sausage, pesto, chips (no other potato) fruit, yoghurt and any sweet thing she can!

I'm resigned to the fact this is a phase and she'll eventually start trying foods when I offer them to her. (Plus I know she eats enough of a range of foods that she won't be malnourished) However I've found myself slipping into a habit of mostly offering the 10 month old pasta or toast for tea as thats what the oldest one will eat. (I've tried encouraging/bribing the older one with other foods --stickers, treats etc--but she makes herself sick if you even bring it up)

So do I start making 2 separate meals for each child, keep trying to encourage the older dd or just give my youngest a really limited diet and risk her being fussy too. I'm brain fried. Help!

Camomila Fri 13-Jan-17 21:30:51

I think I'd offer them both two things, so...
Fussy toddler: plate half full of pasta that she'll eat and a little bit of X food
10 month old: plate half full of pasta and half food of X food (plus avoids any why does she only have one thing on her plate tantrums)

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