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BLW- Disinfecting high chair

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StrawberryShortcake32 Tue 10-Jan-17 19:31:43

Hello all

My amazing sister has given me a high chair and bungo seat that my nephew has grown out of. They need a major wash and disinfect before I use them for my son.

I'm going to be doing BLW so want these as clean as possible as he will be eating straight off them.

What products would you recommend for this that are baby friendly but would kill all germs? These things really need one hell of a scrubbing!

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

BellaGoth Tue 10-Jan-17 19:33:17

I've always used Milton spray on things like highchairs, most supermarkets stock it.

SpotTheDuck Tue 10-Jan-17 19:35:09

Milton spray or dilute the tablets and use that water. You can also get wipes from tommee tippee or from Milton which are easy to use.

CatsCantFlyFast Tue 10-Jan-17 19:35:13

I wipe with antibac or zoflora and dry with kitchen towel. Highchair trays and bumbo should both be able to go through the dishwasher in which case that will sterilise them

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 10-Jan-17 19:36:22

Hot soapy water.

kel12345 Tue 10-Jan-17 19:39:17

I also swear by Milton spray or wipes (the wipes do dry out if they're not used fairly quickly though).
And you don't have to rinse if you use Milton

StrawberryShortcake32 Tue 10-Jan-17 19:41:31

Wow Milton seems to be the way to go! Thank you!

HandbagFan Wed 11-Jan-17 17:09:33

Milton spray is about a quid, or I also use Dettol kitchen spray which I use on the work tops in our kitchen. Milton can be eaten straight off even if wet.

clarabellski Fri 13-Jan-17 14:40:29

I just use hot soapy water but I have an IKEA antilop and its easy to remove the tray and wash it in our sink.

FannyFifer Fri 13-Jan-17 14:42:12

Did your sister not even clean them before giving them to you, manky mare.

Artandco Thu 19-Jan-17 21:38:55

Btw why would baby be eating off the tray? Mine we did blw ie they fed themselves, but we still put food in a bowl or on a plate. They learn to use a spoon soon after, how can they spoon stuff off a tray?

ZZZZ1111 Thu 19-Jan-17 21:55:58

Art because they may throw them off the tray?

Artandco Thu 19-Jan-17 22:23:19

So you stop them... they need to learn to eat from a bowl and plate. How do you give them yogurt or running foods? By 8-9months mine could eat yogurt or porridge and similar themselves with a spoon, from gradually learning spoon in bowl from 6 months. You can't learn that on tray. And the mess! At least in bowl 90% stays in.
Soup? Soup in bowl and toast to dip is perfect blw food, but not without the bowl part

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 19-Jan-17 22:29:25

Oh Art we can only hope to be as good a mother as you.

Artandco Thu 19-Jan-17 22:31:29

It's hardly good, it's normal. You wouldn't eat your food directly off the table would you however clean it might be

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 19-Jan-17 22:34:51

You still have to keep the tray clean regardless of wether you use a bowl or the tray. The OP isn't going to leave it dirty,is she?

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 19-Jan-17 22:36:30

A good clean with hot soapy water and maybe a bit of Milton will do a fine job. Basically the same level of cleaning you'd use for a plate or cutlery. It doesn't have to be sterile - in fact it is good for the child's immune system for them to encounter bacteria and dirt.

ZZZZ1111 Fri 20-Jan-17 06:48:23

Art my baby eats yoghurt off his tray with his hands grin and yes it is messy! He will learn to use a spoon and bowl when he's ready to. At the moment we are concentrating on him trying a range of foods rather than worrying about utensils etc. I've never really thought of his tray as being a table, more of a big plate!

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