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Return of AF due to weaning?

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lemonslemonslemons Mon 09-Jan-17 08:03:26


My boy is almost 7mo and was end until 5 months when we introduced a bottle before bed. At 6mo we introduced solids and he is taking food really well. He still has about 4-5 breast feeds in 24hours, but that is definitely less than before weaning.

I noticed yesterday that AF could be returning and now I know she has. Is this normal when still breastfeeding?

ICJump Mon 09-Jan-17 08:07:08

Yes totally normal. Periods generally return after some weaning be it introducing a dummy, formula, food, or a longish gap 4-8 hours of no feeding. Mine returned at 18 and 15 months but anywhere from 6 weeks to over 2 years is still normal

lemonslemonslemons Mon 09-Jan-17 08:14:59

Ah ok, thanks for that! With DC1 it didn't come back until after I finished nursing her!

LastLeaf Mon 09-Jan-17 08:21:41

Mine returned at 6 weeks despite ebf angry

HandbagFan Tue 10-Jan-17 12:08:34

Mine was back at 12 weeks despite expressing.

IamChipmunk Thu 19-Jan-17 20:35:29

3 months for me with both and both ebf...
I felt a bit cheated!

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