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anyone else find that the weeks before weaning are tough...?

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pistachio Wed 21-Feb-07 16:46:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lissielou Wed 21-Feb-07 16:49:55

as you know i weaned ds v early on theadvice of my hv and i have to say i admire your patience. on the 1 hand 3w isnt going to make much difference, but im sure that everyone else found it a long wait and if thats what you want to do well done

ruth2007 Wed 21-Feb-07 17:55:38

Hi Pistachio

A message of support rather than much in the way of suggestions.....

Our DDs are very similar in age and yes I am finding it tough. I have noticed that the FF/weaned babies do seem more settled but remember that you don't see them at night so can only go by what their Mums are telling you!

My DD is also BF on demand so nights can be tough - keep doing what you are doing - life will only get harder once we have to worry about taking food everywhere we go

DizzyDave Wed 21-Feb-07 18:09:11

well done you! you sound like you're doing the right thing, especially with her playing with food while you eat. you'll see over the next few weeks she'll start to be able to chew and swallow it too. are you planning to do blw?

NotanOtter Wed 21-Feb-07 18:10:41

yes - personally i think its too late and ihave weaned 5 babies
iwill be shot by the blw brigade for saying this but i do firmly believe its true

DizzyDave Wed 21-Feb-07 18:23:14

<marches along with her blw baton twirling>

bitzermaloney Wed 21-Feb-07 18:48:27

I've noticed there's a lot of people expecting to be shot by BLWers lately on MN.

This bothers me. I am doing BLW and I do not carry a gun, only sticks of steamed vegetable. Should I be armed? I do live in south London.

lulumama Wed 21-Feb-07 18:49:13

unsteamed carrot is quite a sturdy weapon, acksherly !

lulumama Wed 21-Feb-07 18:49:37

i meant !! oops !

pistachio Wed 21-Feb-07 18:56:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ruth2007 Wed 21-Feb-07 19:36:56

Funny you should say that because I was thinking the same thing, middle ground, thats me! Although after she nearly ate a sandwich at Lunch (slight slip of concentration!)I think she might be telling me something!

DizzyDave Wed 21-Feb-07 19:38:05

ahh yes. go with the blw i say..then you can join our..ahem brigade..i'm thinking along the lines of majorette brigade rather than cannons and soldiers on horses type brigade. so grab yourself a baton (carrot baton will do ) and join in...

AnnabelCaramel Wed 21-Feb-07 19:44:20

What's the name/acronym for a totally crap, disorganised mum who does a bit of puree and spoon feeeding, a bit of BLW and a bit of whatever she doesn't spot?

My ds has a diet of milk, muslin cloths, board books and proper food. In approximately that order on a good day.

DizzyDave Wed 21-Feb-07 19:47:23

there isn't really such a thing as 'a bit of blw' and 'a bit of puree'. you're either doing blw or you're not. nothing wrong with puree of course, it suits plenty mums and babies, but you can't mix the two if you are going to do blw as it's intended. lots of people give finger food alongside spoon feeding puree..that's fine, but it isn't blw.

<prepares to hurl baton in the air>

pistachio Wed 21-Feb-07 19:49:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

indiajane Wed 21-Feb-07 19:56:48

hello - sorry to be dense, (quite new to mumsnet) but what does BLW stand for...?

pistachio Wed 21-Feb-07 19:57:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnnabelCaramel Wed 21-Feb-07 19:59:07

Baby Led Weaning

AnnabelCaramel Wed 21-Feb-07 20:01:26

Oh Pistachio, I agree. We have virtually pureed swede with Sunday lunch, and I'm the wrong side of 35!!!
Most times I get in my mouth ok though

indiajane Wed 21-Feb-07 20:04:25

Thanks Annabel!

lulumama Wed 21-Feb-07 20:05:14

Aitch;s blog about BLW

DizzyDave Wed 21-Feb-07 20:09:49

ok. what would you be pureeing to load onto the spoon? if it's veg, just don't puree it, hand it straight over.

there are very very few things that you would possibly want to load onto a spoon. the only thing i occassionaly load onto a spoon is yoghurt. but i find the best thing for yoghurt is to pour it onto pieces of fruit, dd picks up the fruit and so picks up the yoghurt. same with soup, keep it thick and pour it on toast or bread. other mushy things can be squished onto rice cakes or toast too. baked beans squish nicely onto toast.

dd is 9 months now, i hand a loaded spoon to her but more often than not the yoghurt flies over the other side of the room or it goes down her legs as she goes to stick the handle end of the spoon in her mouth...bless her!

does that make sense? i rarely find myself thinking ok how can i work this food so dd can eat it. she just blimmin eats it! lots of new blw mums stress about fruit skins etc, but they just figure it out. baby chews up the fruit and spits the skin out. no need to 'prepare' it.

AnnabelCaramel Wed 21-Feb-07 20:17:55

Swede!!!! Am I being dim here? For example, as a vegetable dish I will sometimes do a carrot and potatoe mash. Swede I ALWAYS mash, either alone or with some butter. Homemade rice pud is not eaten with fingers in this house...sometimes, and p'raps it's just me, the BLW thing is made to sound more complicated/strict than it is. I give my lo a spoon, whatever mush it is I've cooked and we see where we go from there.
I've done the same with dh since we met....

DizzyDave Wed 21-Feb-07 20:19:52

dd eats rice pudding with her hands, and mash. she shoves her hands in, grabs whatever lumpier bits she can, and licks her hands clean. she'll have a go with a spoon to, but gets more in, and has more fun, with her hands.

lulumama Wed 21-Feb-07 20:21:05

BLW is anything but strict!! it is giving your baby, basically, food off your plate...or pieces of fruit , veg , fingers of toast, cheese, sandwiches, strips of chicken, meat balls, pasta , beans, , basically any food! that they can hold and munch on ! instead of taking said foods and mashing / pureeing and spoonfeeding into said baby.....liquid foods can be given as Dizzy has said by using bread to mop up or pouring yoghurt over stuff...

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