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Help needed weaning! DD won't take formula/bottle nor cup

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haysy Wed 21-Feb-07 11:17:02

Am returning to work p/t in 2 weeks and trying to move DD (7mths( across to formula for day feeds. She used to drink H2O from cup but now refuses expressed milk/formula milk from cup and bottle (NUK). Have tried mixing formula with rice but also refusing this. Am trying Aptimil and HIPP org milk.

Have just come back from long-haul flight and baby was unwell; still not regained appetite for solids, so hope this is part of problem. Can anyone advise whther I should concentrate teaching her to take bottle (or continue with cup) and how to do so. Father also tried with no luck!

Am concerned she will no feed at nursery and will need more milk at night!

derlor Wed 21-Feb-07 13:31:38

I think this is a complicated one for your health visitor to work out for you - give her a call and ask advice!!!

AitchTwoOh Wed 21-Feb-07 13:37:36

would giving her food and water during the day but BFing morning, evening and night be out of the question?

haysy Wed 21-Feb-07 15:09:09

I have since been to breastfeeding clinic and they advised to leave the formula for now; to concentrate on getting her better and back onto solids and then if necessary, letting the nursery introduce the cup/bottle - apparently this is quite common and babies sometimes need for mum to be away before they accept bottle/cup.
Will try this. Fortunately DD has quite a bit fat in reserves! thanks anyway

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