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8mth dd will not open her mouth for food!!

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lovebabies Wed 21-Feb-07 10:48:18

My dd is now 8mths old and will not open her mouth so I can put food in. Have only just managed to get her to take formula instead of breastmilk. She has bottle in am, lunch and beadtime. I am sure she needs food during day but she just wont have it.

deaconblue Wed 21-Feb-07 10:55:22

Ds has just started this at 10 months after 4 months of happily opening up like a little bird. Have you tried popping a few bits on the highchair tray to see if she'll eat on her own? He loves a chunk of roasted butternut squash, that might be a good start as it's so sweet

lovebabies Wed 21-Feb-07 11:21:26

Thanks, will try. I was trying puree first, maybe she just wants to eat herself like you said. It's all good stuff.

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