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almost 8 months old and still not eating

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nappyaddict Thu 15-Feb-07 22:40:03

is there anything i can do to encourage him? i know it is ok for him to still be on milk alone until he is 12 months old but i wonder if i could be doing more to get him on solids.

i always put food in front of him when we eat and try to give him food off my plate but he just won't do anything with it. he has so far picked one thing up for himself - a yorkshire pudding. he put it on his forehead then dropped it on the floor.

i have also tried putting the food straight into his hand. so far he has had biscuits chips again and banana. however he just keeps holding it until it squishes or he drops it.

have also tried moving his hand towards his mouth whilst hiding the food but to no effect.

i am thinking because he managed to pick the yorkie up and can pick up 2 of his toys off the floor which are like this for some reason he can only pick things up that are high off the surface iyswim.

any ideas?

Overrun Thu 15-Feb-07 22:41:27

Have you tried purees of things?

nappyaddict Thu 15-Feb-07 22:51:52

no cos i am trying to do blw.

CanSleepWontStarve Thu 15-Feb-07 22:54:24

Are you leaving a good while after bf before offering solids, so that he is hungry?

What sort of stuff have you offered so far?

krabbiepatty Thu 15-Feb-07 22:55:18

No ideas but my blw 10-month old (she decided to blw herself, wouldn't eat purees) mostly likes tomatoes and the odd blueberry. And biscuits. And inedible things she can shove in her mouth. I am just trying not to be stressed about it.

nappyaddict Thu 15-Feb-07 23:04:58

toast, bread, carrots, runner beans (off my sunday roast), roasties, banana, apple, pear, plum there's got to be more but can't think at the moment.

before he wasnt putting anything in his mouth food and non-food wise, but he does sometimes but rattles in his mouth now so its not that he doesn't know where his mouth is iyswim. oh and his fist/thumb is in there pretty much 99% of the time.

nappyaddict Thu 15-Feb-07 23:06:00

oh and he is ff. yes if i leave him too long he just gets really frustrated. i know he is hungry when i've tried cos a few times i have popped the food in his mouth and he's eaten it fine. i know you're not really meant to do this but i just wanted to check he could actually chew and swallow food.

SaucyMoo Thu 15-Feb-07 23:52:13

Hes doesnt seem to be interested in blw yet. why dont you just try spoonfeeding..its not against the law! i try both with my ds (8 months), whos also a fussy eater...he only eats yogurt and purees with a spoon the rest i have to feed with my own hand..hes also not very good with picking up things..apparently theres a book called 'my child wont eat' which is supposed to be good. havent read it myself yet, planning to get it tomorrow. hows his weight?

nappyaddict Fri 16-Feb-07 00:08:28

dont really want to go down the spoon feeding route incase it delays him eating normal food for even longer and tbph i'm too lazy to make purees up and have to take food out with me!

terramum Fri 16-Feb-07 00:13:02

I would just keep putting things in front of him when you eat. Just like walking & talking he will do it in his own time - no rush.

terramum Fri 16-Feb-07 00:15:38

2nd the recommendation of "My Child Wont Eat" as well. Its by the spanish pead Carlos Gonzales - lovely man with a very nice accent - met him at the national LLL workshop last year & got him to sign my copy .

3LoveHeartsAndNoMore Fri 16-Feb-07 00:22:01

hm, am all for BLW, however, there really is nothing wrong with trying if he would take stuff of a spoon...try cereal in the morning, it's no faff and yu will then be able to see if he isn't interested in food full stop or just ins't quite ready with teh coordiation, iykwim.
I did BLW wth my 2 younger ones, but this, for me, didn't mean that I would never spoon feed them at all, to me it's a mixture, really. BUt maybe I had it all wrong...very possible.

terramum Fri 16-Feb-07 00:40:34

Fair enough - but nappyaddict has already said twice that she doesnt want to spoon feed

welliemum Fri 16-Feb-07 01:30:43

FWIW nappyaddict - both mine have refused solids when hungry, and would only eat food when not hungry.

Logical, given that milk is/was their main food, but it took me ages to work this out.

It sounds to me like one of those "if it ain't broke... " problems though

SaucyMoo Fri 16-Feb-07 08:57:41

terramum-this is the type of attitude i was referring to in the other thread, you said 'she doesnt want to spoonfeed'....should anyone be so obstinate about it, its the same as people using the traditional method saying 'i dont want to BLW'..if her baby opened her mouth and ate what was given to her then maybe feeding her a little yourself might be an option? it seems obvious to me anyway, she could still keep trying with blw....i just dont get why it has to be one way or another if your baby is not getting on with a particular way!

Nappyaddict-im sure if lo doesnt start eating in a few weeks, you will try feeding him yourself? you dont have to make purees, cant you just feed normal food to her with your hand or with a spoon

3LoveHeartsAndNoMore Fri 16-Feb-07 10:14:07

exactly Saucy, ity doesn't have to be pureed down at all just normal food...some Babys do need help...but it's a completely different matter to spoonfeed a Baby over 6 month with ordinary food, because maybe the coordination isn't quite there, compared to getting sloopy gloop down a BAby that could go without solid food full stop!
WHO does recommend solids after 6 month...because after 6 month Milk isn't quite enough....can cause dips in groth and devellopement...or is this the wrong time to say this...hmph....bit put out by terras comment, I must say!

Enid Fri 16-Feb-07 10:18:52

well if I were you I'd try him with some spoon fed food - I never did purees with dd3 but she had mushed up versions of what we were having

try giving him some porridge before his milk in the morning and see how you get on

Enid Fri 16-Feb-07 10:19:50

fgs she doesn't need a book called My Child Won't Eat

talk about negative

AitchTwoOh Fri 16-Feb-07 10:37:14

is that true about the growth and development dips? i wasn't aware of that. i am aware, certainly, that the traditional HV 'window of opportunity' for solids it utter bolleaux and a myth.

nappyaddict has given the baby food, he does chew it and swallow it, he just doesn't pick it up. if she's wanting to wait for him to pick it up and looking for reassurance that this isn't abnormal, then she should know it isn't abnormal. (have you joined the BLW Yahoo group, nappies?)

if she's looking for advice to spoon feed, despite saying a couple of times that she doesn't want to puree because she doesn't want the faff and doesn't want to possibly delay things any longer, then she's got it now, no point in starting another BLW/Spoons war is there?

Nappyaddict, it's not abnormal although i can imagine that it is a bit frustrating for you.
come onto my website at or join the Yahoo group, they're fast becoming the only place on the internet where people can talk about BLW without a fight breaking out.

Enid Fri 16-Feb-07 10:38:48

you can spoon feed WITHOUT pureeing grrrrrrrrrr

taylormama Fri 16-Feb-07 10:42:22

i offer my DS finger foods, and mashed foods and a lot goes on the floor and some goes in his mouth! I don't stress - some days he eats more than others and he still has 24 oz of milk per day - i read a great quote on MN that "food is for fun until they are 1!!!" Try to offer a variety of bread, crackers, pasta, cheese, vegggies all as finger foods ... and shove in a spoon of mashed up stuff when you can

3LoveHeartsAndNoMore Fri 16-Feb-07 10:43:54

Have a look in the very long weaning leaflat on WHO....I would only be able to link to it in german, if I still find it....but it certainly was still the one in effect 2 years ago...and we had great discussions in a german bf group about this...i.e. the stance, it's o.k. for a child to go without solids for even a year, via, after 6 month , obviously wihtout pressure, the encouragement should be there.
Like I say, obviously one shouldn't like push food down their thoaght, but some Kids are lazier then others? You have to consider each child as an individual....!

soph28 Fri 16-Feb-07 10:55:16

nappies- my dd is the same- she is 7mths and is utterly rubbish at holding things. She can't hold anything to her mouth for longer than a few seconds (if that!) I have tried baby rice, baby porridge, weetabix, fruit purees (different kinds), custard, yogurt, fromage frais, butternut squash pureee, roasted sweet potato chunks, rusks- whole and mashed with milk, banana- whole and mashed, various jars of baby food.

So far all she has eaten are a chocolate button, bits of bread, bits of sponge cake, a bit of scrambled egg and a couple of spoonfuls of petit filous. I have tried letting her do it herself (BLW)- she can't. Spoon feeding - she refuses/spits it out. Offering it on my finger -she does nothing!
Have tried when she is starving/between bottles and straight after bottle- makes no difference. She has 4 bottles a day of about 6oz and she is a fairly good weight (16lbs- 25th centile), she is content and happy.

Any suggestions I would appreciate. Otherwise I'm trying just to be patient and assume she will eat when she's ready.

AitchTwoOh Fri 16-Feb-07 10:55:19

yeah but what's the rush? if milk is okay, then it's okay, 3andnomore. if it isn't (and Rapley is the asst director of the Unicef child friendly programme so i take it she's read the literature), then that's different, but easily supplemented with a multivit if necessary. (not something i kow about, i should say).

and i take your point about the non-pureeing, enid. but i think her gist was that she doesn't want to spoon feed. and i think that the 'shove a spoon of mashed-up stuff when you can' is really not good advice.

AitchTwoOh Fri 16-Feb-07 10:56:35

i think being patient and assuming she'll eat when she's ready (pmsl at chocolate buttons) is exactly the right thing to do, soph28.

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