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Has anyone else had this problem??

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shish Tue 13-Feb-07 10:06:17

My ds is almost 8 months old. Since I have started weaning him, he has always had a really good appetite for food and milk. Since last Thursday, his appetite has alsmost halved. I am really struggling to get enough of anything inside him. He gets really impatient for his food/ milk, but then only ends up having half, or sometimes even less, of what he'd normally have.

he doesn't have any teeth yet. Could he be teething?? Or could it be something else??

He has his 8 month check this afternoon and I"m hoping HV can shed some light..

bigcar Tue 13-Feb-07 11:25:31

My dd3 is 10m old and the proud owner of 1 shiny new front tooth! She went right off her food for 7 days, we got quite worried, but as soon as her tooth appeared she started eating normally again. Does ds have rosie cheeks, sore bum, runny nose? All can be signs of teething, would ask hv for advice though.

shish Tue 13-Feb-07 11:36:37

His excma is worse and he's beed coughing and sniffling a lot, especially in the night..

bigcar Tue 13-Feb-07 19:53:39

Sorry i didnt reply, wasnt at computer. Did you have any luck with hv. Sounds like it could be the rotten cold my dd1 generously shared with everyone, will keep fingers crossed for shiny new tooth for him though!

shish Tue 13-Feb-07 20:54:16

Oh thanks bigcar. HV seems to agree that it's teething. His weight seems to be ok, so I guess that's a good thing.

If it is teething, I'm hoping he'll cut a tooth soon!!

I was just wondering if this was normal and if anyone else's babyhad gone through this?

shish Tue 13-Feb-07 20:56:20

I fit is a cold, do you think I can give him regular doses of calpol for a few days until it clears??

DetentionGrrrl Wed 14-Feb-07 08:51:43

personally i'd only give calpol if they're running a temp or distressed with pain, but that my opinion.

my DS (also nearly 8mths) was off food for a few days, but ate like a little piggy yesterday. I think he's got more teeth on the way aswell.

Petall Wed 14-Feb-07 09:01:14

Both my DD and DS did this , I hate to say on and of for months before cutting teeth. They are now 4 and 3 and seemed to take forever to wean.As soon as they were unwell or ? had sore gums, they only really wanted milk.
With hindsight, I'd just take each day as it comes. Offer him food as usual and don't worry too much if he only takes a small amount. So longs as he's drinking he won't waste away.
It could well be a cold as there are a lot of bugs around at the moment. I agree only give calpol for a temperature, really miserable or unwell.
Good luck

bigcar Wed 14-Feb-07 09:34:02

Hi Shish, I would only give calpol if ds is running a temp or if he seems to be in pain (but thats just my opinion), have you tried one of those teethers that you can chill in the fridge for him to chew on, how would you feel about teething gel for his gums, i know not everyone likes them? Dd 3 likes chewing on my fingers, im not so keen now she has her first tooth! Its good to hear his weight is ok, if he is happy then i would try not to worry too much. Easier said than done I know!

littlelapinofLURVE Wed 14-Feb-07 14:48:40

It definitely sounds like teething. My DS likes a big bit of cold cucumber to gnaw on when he's teething. Last week it was practically the only thing he would eat, and, lo and behold! tooth 5 appeared on Saturday. If he's toothless so far, he'll probably just give it a thorough gumming

shish Wed 14-Feb-07 17:49:09

He is toothless at the moment. I have been using teething powder and teething gel for a while now. I've only been giving calpol when he's miserable or when he's been running a low grade temperature. The problem is that he hasn't been taking in as much milk as he used to aswell.. HV told me not to worry, but you can't help it really. I'm hoping things will resume back to normal sooner, rather than later..

bigcar Thu 15-Feb-07 10:06:39

If your really worried about his food intake, can you go to the clinic to get him weighed? Maybe if you can see hes putting weight on it will reassure you, plus you could ask advice from the hv whilst there? At 8m its not so essential for babies to pile the weight on like they do as tiny babies and most babies go through a phase of being off their food at some stage. Most babies start to drop their milk intake once solids become well established as these fill them up more and their diet becomes more varied. Chin up, im on 4thdc and they still worry the hell out of me, but you will get through this!

shish Thu 15-Feb-07 11:41:34

Thanks bigcar. His weight was fine on Tues and HV has told me not to worry, but I guess you can't really help it..

I'm hoping it will pass soon

shish Wed 28-Feb-07 22:08:09

Still no tooth!!! Just as I thought things were starting to get better - they've ot bad again. Ds's bedtime milk intake didn't really get back to tnormal, but did get a bit better. Now it's gone right back down again and he wouldn't touch his breakfast this morning. HV keeps on telling me not to worry.. Just don't know what to do???

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