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Weaning portion sizes and breastfeeding

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Sukhino24 Sun 30-Oct-16 23:32:40

Ive just started solids with my 5.5 month old and i am just wondering about portion sizes? I cant seem to find any straight answer. He is currently having 3-4 icecubes of veg and he absolutely gobbles it down and still looks for more. I dont want to over feed him but im also wondering how on earth i will work out what he actually wants/needs. Anyone got a good method to follow? Do i give him as much as he wants?

Also, i am breast feeding and although i know that i will be feeding him milk for a long while yet how do i know when feeds are to be reduced/dropped? Does the baby decide himself? It would be really good to have an idea of what to expect as i would like to go back to work a couple of mornings/afternoons at 9 months.


Zahrah5 Mon 31-Oct-16 16:09:06

If you are breastfeeding on demand then meals are not to replace breastfeeds. You should feed him as much or as frequently as before, or anytime he asks.
At 5.5m is quite young, you can breastfeed him before you offer solids.
And 9 months is long time away, it will come naturally. At that time he will just have solids or expressed milk while you are gone.

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