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Spoon refusal

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tappitytaptap Fri 28-Oct-16 14:08:00

My DS is 7 months today and have been weaning for about 6 weeks or so. Started with purees but he was a bit hot and cold on those. Seemed to really want to control the spoon himself so we started doing the majority finger foods (veg, fruit, toast, crumpets etc) and this is going OK, albeit a little slowly and not dropping much milk yet. I am fine with this though as understand a more 'BLW' approach might take longer for them to be eating larger quantities. He is clearly eating something as his poo has changed!
I keep trying him with the spoon as ideally he'd take one for e.g yoghurt, porridge etc. He seems to be pretty happy with the taste of food, always tries a bit of all the finger foods we've tried. Yesterday I tried him with a spoon and some of a pouch of food. He wasn't interested in the spoon but took the pouch from me and put the spout to his mouth. He then ate a whole pouch from me by sucking/squeezing into his mouth and was opening his mouth like a little baby bird for each mouthful! So it seems what I have is not a puree avoider but a spoon avoider! Does anyone have any tips? I had wondered about teething as two big white lumps have appeared on his bottom gum, but when a spoon approaches he doesn't open his mouth wide as he does when feeding himself.

Zahrah5 Fri 28-Oct-16 16:04:00

There are refillable pouches you can buy and fill it with your purees. But not all kinds offer way to hygienically clean the insides.

And babies change, he might like spoon later. You could make thick porridge be can eat lumps with his hands.

Remember, commercial baby food is made to appeal baby taste buds.
So might not be as much of a spoon avoider as liking store-bought food.

tappitytaptap Fri 28-Oct-16 17:15:07

I've seen those Zahrah, might have to invest!
I really think it is the spoon as he's seemingly happy to feed himself most foods so not just the taste of the baby food.

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