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Is this routine ok for an 8mo

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Hi, I have been weening dd for around 2 months now and just added in her dinner meal today (so now 3 meals a day). Just wondering if the following routine is ok/normal for an 8mo?

7:30am - breakfast (usually porridge with fruit or slice of toast)
9:00am - milk
11:30am - lunch (usually a lumpy purée followed by either yog with fruit or 2 baby rice cakes)
2:00pm - milk
4:30pm - dinner (tonight was 10g pasta and pasta sauce)
6:30pm - milk

The lunch purée/combined yog and fruit/pasta sauce is the size of the Asda weening pots (pic attached)
Dd currently has 7oz in each milk but I will (maybe) reduce this to 6oz tomorrow.
She usually wakes up at 6:30-7am and goes to sleep at about 6:45-7pm

Forgot to attach pics of the pots

dementedpixie Thu 27-Oct-16 19:32:10

I wouldn't drop milk as they are supposed to still take a minimum of 20oz up to 1 year

LivinOnAChair Thu 27-Oct-16 19:51:38

Our routine (DS is 8m) sounds pretty much the same as yours except we have 4 7oz bottles at 8,12,4,7 but he has started leaving a lot of milk so I think we'll be dropping to 3x7 and skip teatime one. Babies need 18-21oz (500-600ml) a day til 1 year according to guidelines but I'll be buggered if he'll have that much! Is your DD quite content with your routine? if she is I'd just stick with exactly what your doing smile

LivinOnAChair Thu 27-Oct-16 19:52:24

Ps I've got those pots too, think I got mine from asda they're brill for freezer

43percentburnt Thu 27-Oct-16 20:11:26

I have 8 month old twins. Today they ate:

6 - milk
7:45 Porridge with banana
9 - milk
11 - milk
12 - rice cakes and mackerel
1 - milk
more milk this afternoon
5.00 - shepards pie - made with veg and lentils.
6pm - the night time buffet opens - they will feed many, many, many times between 6 pm and breakfast. Ebf so no idea of quantities - feels like several litres a day grin.

Funnily one prefers being spoon fed the other prefers finger food!

Ginger4justice Thu 27-Oct-16 20:24:58

That is almost exactly my 8 month old DS's routine. He's still breastfed so I don't know how much milk but it's not much, he doesn't ask for it during the day any more I have to offer. He still feeds several times overnight and in the morning before breakfast though.
I have those pots. He'd normally have 2 of those for a meal and often he's still hungry so gets a few bits of finger food as well.
It works for him, he's happy and sticking to his line so I'm happy to let him get on with it.

I did think that she was supposed to have all the milk I give her still but the HV today said add the dinner and she will probably drop a milk. To be fair, every HV tells me differently (last month I got told not to add the dinner for a few more months).

I'm glad it seems ok. I feel like I'm winging it with all this weaning business. Dd loves her food and doesn't seem hungry in between meals (and when she does I give a snack)

HandbagFan Thu 27-Oct-16 22:18:56

DS is 8m and today had:

8am Milk
9.30am Porridge and a Rice Cake
11.30am Milk
1.30pm 1/2 pouch of pasta bake, 1 pot yoghurt and 1 baby biscuit
4pm Milk
7.30pm 1/2 pouch of pasta bake,
8pm Milk

The evening was so late as he slept 6.15-7.20! Overall he probably ate less today than many days, but dinner was small as I wanted to get the milk in him before bed time.

His milk is a mixture of formula and expressed milk and he averages 600-700mls per day now.

DorothyHarris Fri 28-Oct-16 13:33:03

You can include milk in porridge and yogurts etc in their milk "allowance" I think 3 bottles is about right for that age.

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