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6m old weaning and milk issues, help!

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itwillbegrandsure Wed 26-Oct-16 18:28:56

So DS is 6mths 2 weeks old. For the past 3 or so weeks he's been drinking less milk per bottle so we were glad the weaning stage was approaching so we could start introducing solids. (Up until 3 weeks ago he was happily polishing off 5 bottles of 7oz per day.)

We started weaning a little over 2 weeks ago. The issue: he's still barely drinking 5oz milk per bottle (if we're lucky) but he's also not taking to food! The only thing we can get him to eat is porridge with a little success with sweet potato. It's an 'absolutely no way' to broccoli, butternut squash etc. I really don't want to introduce fruits before he gets a taste (hopefully) for veg. He's not great at chewing yet and has yet to cut his first tooth.

He's otherwise happy and well. Nappies etc all fine. If he was still drinking all his milk, I wouldn't be so worried.

We had absolutely no issues weaning with DD so this reluctance to eat is a whole new experience!

Help!! Any tips much appreciated!

FATEdestiny Thu 27-Oct-16 15:22:56

How do you feel about jars?

The savory jars of baby food might be flavours he likes.

SpeakNoWords Thu 27-Oct-16 17:00:38

It's really early days yet, I wouldn't be disheartened. I'd keep it low key, just keep offering food and see how it goes.

Could the lack of interest in milk be down to teething?

dementedpixie Thu 27-Oct-16 17:03:39

How much milk is he taking?

Have you tried adding fruit to the veg? Dd started with veg mixed with apple.
Also, have you tried to mix the veg with milk? So sweet potato with milk and apple? Both formula and breast milk are sweet so I guess jumping straight in with savoury could be a bit of a jump

thineisTHElife82 Thu 27-Oct-16 21:23:00

Hi,just wanted to say that im is a similar position.. but the opposite way round. My boy is now nearly 8m old and we are lucky and overjoyed to get him drink more than 2oz milk morn and night.He wont drink it in the day. It was like a switch...he went to bed drinking 5oz bottles 6/7times a day amd woke up barely drinking anything.iy was like he knew he could have food. Ive made my own meals for him mainly as he wont eat finger foods so needs to have bowls spoonfed to him to make sure hes getting his extra vitamins. He will eat food alone..butternut squash/potato/broccoli etc and loves it mixed up together too. He will have weetabix or porridge about 30mins after his morn bottle which will be mixed with fruit (mixed berrys or banana or apple) and he has that with bit drops in it to make up where he wont have his milk. He will then have a made up meal for his dinner,maybe with fish or meat and then some fruit puree for his supper/tea, he will then have approx 2/3oz milk before bed. Any milk is refused when offered in the day.he will leave ot all and push the bottle away and juat scream. He is teething though and has jad 2 bottom teeth come through and his top ones are causing grief this week...meaning he wont really eat much at all let alone drink milk. Hes happy and healthy though and hasnt fallen off his percentile average.
For as long as your baby is maintaing weight and is happy and content i dont think its much to worry about. If babu starts to drop weight or bexomes more irritable then seek advice from a HV or doc.
I hope you go on ok,its hard being mum with fussy baby,my oldest is 16 and i have a 10yrold too and neither did what my boy is doing now. Huhs for you xx

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