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What did your 15 month old eat today?

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baffledmummy Mon 24-Oct-16 17:52:38

DD a bit of an inconsistent eater...just interested in comparing notes with other 15 monthers! Today she has had:

7 oz milk
Half adult portion of Ready Break with 6 raspberries mixed through (full fat milk)
Fig Yoghurt
8 blueberries
Half a toasted crumpet
1 cup of water
Small portion of roast chicken (1/3 of a breast)
Portion of peas and sweetcorn
1 kiwi fruit
8 oz bottle of milk

We've been a bit light on the vegetables today as we were out and about and I didn't plan too well, but usually manage another portion of vegetables (by portion I mean toddler fist size portion).

What did yours eat?

upthewolves Fri 28-Oct-16 13:08:45

Hello! My DD is almost 15 months. Today she had:

1 weetbix + milk
Half a banana
1 boiled egg and 1/4 avocado, few slices of cheese
1/4 slice of toast
About 6 blueberries and 4 strawberries
A pouch of yogurt.

She also had 3 200ml bottles of cows milk.

I think calories-wise we sound similar. I made DD ravioli and veggies for dinner and she threw it on the floor. I left it half an hour and tried again, she refused, so I gave her the fruit and yogurt.

She used to eat really well but this past week has been eating much less. I wouldn't mind but her sleep has been a bit disrupted too so wondering if she is getting hungry in the night.

Bit worried that today's lesson was if you don't eat your dinner you get strawberries and yogurt though....

Zahrah5 Fri 28-Oct-16 13:42:08

my DD is 18 months

breakfast- oatmeal from oats and amaranth with bit of coconut oil and cinnamon

snack- bowl of blackberries

lunch- butternut squash creamy soup- she is not big on soups but we are trying
bulgur with slice of wild salmon, avocado

snack- pear

dinner- chickpea/carrot cakes baked in the over, side of steamed vegetables- carrots, parsnips, green beans with few drops of pumpkin oil

she is bf once in the afternoon, otherwise drinks water and some child-suitable herbal tea

buckyou Fri 28-Oct-16 14:37:47

So far my 16mo has had:
About 1/3 tin Baked beans
Glass of water
Few raisins
1/2 slice and toast and butter dipped in veg soup
Small amount grated cheese
Glass of squash
4oz milk

Then she will probably have a satsuma snack and chilli and rice for tea plus yogurt. She normally has 10oz+ of milk before bed.

NickyEds Mon 07-Nov-16 20:48:23

Today my 15 month old has had-
Breakfast- weetabix, a banana, a satsuma
Snack- cubes of cheese
Lunch-hummus and sandwich thin, cucumber and tomato (refused tomato)
Snack- crumpet
Tea- spagetti bolognaise (one of those ikea plastic plates full)
6 oz milk.

I think dd eats a lot! She has a very healthy appetite and eats as much as my almost 3 year old. I have an issue getting milk into her though- I offer it all of the time but she won't take it.

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