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Weaning: How much to eat?

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vkone Mon 14-Jun-04 10:36:43

Hi I've just started weaning, Boy is 5 mths and prompted me by grabbing a pizza crust and shoving it in his mouth! I removed the pizza, after he had a good suck and have started with baby rice which he is wolfing down. What I'd like to know is how much constitutes a meal. I fed him a mixture made up of one tea spoon of rice and he's demanding more and seems to want this more than his 5pm milk feed. This has only been this week and contrary to the books, I feed him the rice first, as I can't see the good of giving him some milk first and then facing the protests as I whip it out of his mouth to feed him rice (he doesn't like his feeding interupted at all). BTW he is formula fed.

Anyway, any advice gratefully received!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 14-Jun-04 10:45:29

vkone - the advice is that you give him the *full* milk feed and then however much rice he wants. He still needs to get most of his calories from milk.

However my ds will not feed properly unless he is half asleep so I do have to feed him the solids first/in between milk feeds. I abandoned the baby rice and I'm giving him a teaspoon of normal ground rice (made with weak formula milk and whizzed up to make it really smooth) with a teaspoon of carrot (other vegetables to come). It's going OK so far!

twiglett Mon 14-Jun-04 10:46:30

message withdrawn

twiglett Mon 14-Jun-04 10:47:43

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