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How much does your 8mo eat?

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Tumtitum Wed 12-Oct-16 08:28:23

I'm weaning 8 month old DD and it's going well. Mainly finger foods but I spoon feed yoghurt, porridge etc. She is still having plenty of milk feeds (mainly breast milk, one bottle of formula a day usually) and I'm conscious of giving her too much food as I know food before one is supposed to be "just for fun"! But sometimes it feels like I don't give her more food when she would probably eat it!
For breakfast this morning she has had: about 1/3 of a slice of toast (hard to tell when it's all mushed up!!) with some sugar free jam and peanut butter, a baby Yeo yoghurt and about 7 raspberries. What have your babies eaten for breakfast??

user1471507699 Wed 12-Oct-16 08:56:21

My baby is 7 months and we keep offering until she stops taking it or just plays around with it. For breakfast she had almost half a Weetabix and about 1/3 banana, however at dinner time yesterday she was overtired so she ate less. I think though for me the issue is I want to up her food intake as I am going back to work part time when she is 8.5 months and she doesn't currently take a bottle. This is also why I am doing a mix of spoon feeding and finger foods to 'get going' quicker than BLW. However I know they say milk is the best food source. She is still having plenty of feeds at the moment and they don't seem to have reduced that much (breastfed so hard to tell) so hopefully she is still getting enough milk nutrients!

user1471507699 Wed 12-Oct-16 08:59:15

I also interpreted the 'food is fun' to mean don't worry if they don't eat much, as some babies aren't bothered. Sounds like food is fun for your DD as she happily eats it!

Tumtitum Wed 12-Oct-16 09:02:18

I'm sure she is getting enough milk and they do say that even a bottle refusing baby will adapt if boob isn't available. It might mean they wake in the night a bit more to make up the milk tho! confused have you tried a sippy cup? I'm not sure DD would be good enough to drink much milk out of one but she's definitely getting the hang of it more and manages to glug a fair amount of water at mealtimes.
Sometimes it seems like DD would carry on eating certain things forever... Eg she was just playing with her toast but would eat berries until the cows come home!! I'm conscious of upsetting her tummy with too much fruit all in one go!

Tumtitum Wed 12-Oct-16 09:03:05

She does have a greedy mum and greedy dad so she's got greed on her side! wink

user1471507699 Wed 12-Oct-16 09:17:35

She is starting to drink water from an open cup (with adult help!) She doesn't take much yet but hopefully will take more in the next 6 weeks. Not looking forward to more night wakings (potentially), although we still have 2, sometimes 3, so hopefully she won't need any more than that!

I see what you mean about the fruit, you don't want her having too much sugary fruit. I haven't really sussed portion sizes yet. I'm also having to adjust my healthy eating thoughts a bit as babies need full fat etc.

HandbagFan Wed 12-Oct-16 19:30:57

Mine is 8m old next week and today breakfast was Ella's Kitchen porridge (red fruit one) made with formula. I made it up with 3 tablespoons rather than 2 as he likes it thicker. This all got eaten and he stole some of my crumpet but only a little.

For lunch he had a brioche roll and two chips from my plate.

For dinner he had half a philadelphia filled sandwich thin, a third of a banana and a baby Yeo yoghurt.

I'm just a bit worried about him dropping his milk! He's on 4 bottles a day but I think we're about to go down to three. He's drinking 600mls or so a day down from 900 before weaning.

Tumtitum Thu 13-Oct-16 14:02:22

It sounds like most babies are eating about the same amount as mine smile this morning she had about a third of a banana, some berries, a yoghurt and just played with some toast. For lunch she's had about 2/3 of a rice cake with full fat cream cheese, two slices of avocado and is still having a go at a stick of watermelon. Last night I made baby risotto and she struggled to pick it up but ate loads when I gave it to her on a spoon!! I was convinced she was then going to sleep really well but she was up 3 times - pah!!

welshweasel Thu 13-Oct-16 14:09:13

Mine's 8 months. He still has 600ml milk a day. Breakfast he'll have a weetabix with cows milk and a banana (half mashed and added to porridge and half eaten in pieces) or porridge and fruit and sometimes a bit of toast after but that often ends up on the floor. Lunch and tea will be some kind of meal like pasta shapes in sauce, mash with salmon and veg, fish fingers etc. Usually has some fruit for pudding. When he gets home from nursery I give him a snack, usually a yogurt, sometimes some pitta bread with hummus or peanut butter. I think he eats loads but he's been between 25th and 50th centiles since birth.

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