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Constipated 6mo - thinking of using aptsmil comfort, advice?

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TheWrongAlice Sun 09-Oct-16 12:51:17

My dd is 6mo and has been FF on aptsmil since 3 months. Has always pooed only about twice a week even when BF, HV said fine. Never seemed bothered by it. Started waning gently on veg purée about 4.5 months, like an ice cube size per day, all fine fo a few weeks then last week she has proper constipation, didn't poo for 5 days then when she did it was hard and painful. Then nothing again for about 5 days... she was straining and not pooing until she finally did an enormous poo which was quite painful.... I switched to ready made formula as heard that's better for constipation... After about four days she did do a more normal poo and then every other day, so as I had hoped. However, it's too xpensive to keep up permanently, should I switch to aptsmil comfort?
I have also tried giving her prune juice from a cup. She only gets a tiny bit as she spits it out, but I wonder if that tiny bit (already dilute 1 to 5) will have had any effect?
Is there any harm in trying the comfort formula?
I just want to get her regular!

Heirhelp Mon 10-Oct-16 12:57:01

I am sure you are already doing it but make sure you are encouraging her to drink lots of water.

There should not be a problem changing formula. You can give prunes and other dried fruit when weaning. Annabelle Karmel has some recipes.

Closetlibrarian Mon 10-Oct-16 13:15:08

My DS got very constipated when he started on solids. I found banana really bunged him up, so I cut that out. Also things like pears and prunes help with constipation. Plus plenty of water.

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