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Weaning issues (possibly ) - what to do?

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campervan07 Fri 30-Sep-16 05:04:24

Started weaning a few days ago at 24 weeks. Baby is bf but has one bottle of formula per day too. So far have been giving a couple of spoons of fruit (apple, pear, banana ) or root vegetables once or twice a day.

Since starting five days ago, baby has pooed once and there wasn't much of it. This isn't normal for my baby who would normally go once a day.

He also has been waking several times (last night was 12, 2, awake from 3-5 then up at 6) a night and had just started sleeping through so am particularly gutted. He seems quite windy rather than hungry but it's hard to tell as he wants a comfort feed to go back to sleep.

He also seems to be teething.

Is this normal for weaning? Don't recall this problem with my first but he never slept well anyway.

Could it be his digestive system isn't ready and I should wait a few weeks?

Tumtitum Fri 30-Sep-16 21:39:39

I started weaning at 6 months and her sleep went crazy for a few weeks, then calmed down again. She also got constipated but is now teething and drooling like crazy so poo has totally gone the other way confused I'm not an expert but I would say if he seems in discomfort then maybe ease off a bit, but if he's just waking then hopefully it should get better in a few weeks as his digestive system adjusts to the changes!! When DD was particularly constipated I went back to just giving food in the mornings and the rest breast feeds

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