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Early weaning suggestions

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MidnightStars Thu 29-Sep-16 02:11:10

Our LB is 14 weeks and is allergic to cows milk as well as having reflux. We are under a Dietcian and she said babies can be weaned as early as 17 weeks.
What kind of things would you start your baby on? We might try baby rice first but dunno what to give him other than that?

MortimersRaven Thu 29-Sep-16 02:51:59

I really recommend Annabel Karmel's book which is a complete plan and has lots of advice on what to start with and when to introduce more complex/hard to digest foods like meat or pasta.
Weaning early means having to puree and you can end up with more than you need so I found these freezer trays really useful to save leftover puree.
I started with carrot, then pear, Apple, potato, moving on to mixes of veg. The occasional closely supervised large chunk of uncooked carrot or apple also seems to be popular although that's more for playing with and tasting than actually eating.
We started around 21 weeks and the first few weeks baby swallowed very little puree as it takes a while to learn how!

MidnightStars Thu 29-Sep-16 06:39:27

Thanks* mortimers* we have brought a steamer so hopefully we can do some veg. Will get some freezer trays

DowntonDiva Thu 29-Sep-16 06:46:33

Did the dietician give you a plan?

Our DD has the same and also has egg. We were advised to early wean but so far she has only had peanut butter ( under advice of allergist due to eczema condition she will be prone to nut allergy).

She turned 6 months last week. Next week when we return from a trip she's going to have her first tastes. Veg (steamed) mixed with her normal milk (Neocate) into a runny honey consistency. White potato, cabbage, peas, turnip, courgette, broccoli, cauliflower. Different taste each day.

DD has been "fine" on the Neocate. Don't get me wrong some days are a struggle which is tough she used to inhale breast milk and lots of it. But she's still on her weight and height percentile.

MidnightStars Thu 29-Sep-16 07:09:53

No she hasnt, downtondiva we are going to a weaning workshop that she put us on in a few weeks though.

My mum is allergic to egg so weary if he might be too. They say it skips a generation. Oh really? My LB has eczema, so it could be possible he could be more prone to have a nut allergy?

Yea think I might try veg first. Are you going to give that for breakfast to begin with?

Our LB is a lot better on alfamino but he hates the taste, so has been rejecting feeds. Early weaning would also help with the fact he hates his milk too.

DowntonDiva Thu 29-Sep-16 07:45:35

It's tough when they hate their milk. DD screamed the house down to begin with it was so distressing.

We're going to do lunch time feeds. So (hopefully) DD is rested, has a few feeds in her, and it will be an enjoyable experience. I've held off for so long as she didn't seem interested and still can't sit up. But the last week or two she is staring at us eating so we think "it's time".

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