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Water - how much?

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Me624 Mon 19-Sep-16 18:00:08

DS is 6.5 months old and we have been weaning for about 5 weeks. He is formula fed. He is now on 3 meals a day and still has 5 bottles a day as well although has started to reduce the amount he takes slightly.

My question is about water, before weaning he had only ever had a tiny bit a few times when I thought he was constipated or it was very hot. I now give him a sippy cup of water with meals and he absolutely chugs it down. I haven't really been measuring how much he drinks but I'd estimate he has 2-4oz of water with every meal and would probably have more if I let him keep the sippy cup. He just loves it!

I know I shouldn't complain as some of my friends are really struggling to get their babies to drink water at all, but is he drinking too much? Sometimes he drinks it so quickly that he burps and a mouthful comes straight back out again, and sometimes it's a struggle to get him to eat because he just wants to drink water!

user1474439326 Thu 29-Sep-16 22:58:17

My 8 month old is the same but I have to say most of it dribbles back out again because she doesn't readily swallow it because I Spose it's the loosest consistency she has.
She is breastfeed so I don't know if that's a factor but she grabs glasses and bottles off everyone - I always give water at the end so she doesn't fill herself up on it

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