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How quick to 3 meals a day?

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StrawberryQuik Wed 07-Sep-16 14:25:13

Hi, I'm planning to start weaning DS in October when he turns 6 months and am just wondering how quickly your DC went to three meals a day as some people say to introduce a meal a week and others say 'food is fun till 1'? I'm hoping to do BLW as I like the idea of us all eating the same.

At the moment he is EBF on demand and eats every 1-1.5h in the day.

katiegg Wed 07-Sep-16 14:34:22

I introduced one meal per week roughly. Started with breakfast, so he had a bottle when he first woke up (formula fed). About an hour later I gave him some baby porridge, only a couple of spoonfuls and as the weeks progressed this changed to readybrek, then 'normal' porridge. The rest of the day he carried on with his usual milk feeds.

After about a week or two of breakfast, I added in lunch which was only a couple of spoonfuls of mashed veg, potato etc. It was really just an opportunity to let him taste different foods. Milk feeds still continued. Then introduced dinner shortly after this.

As the weeks went on, the amounts he ate increased and we started giving meat with dinner or lunch, plain yogurt or fruit as 'pudding' after lunch. He dropped the milk feeds one by one of his own accord.

I'm not sure long long it took to get up to three meals a day, but I took him to Scotland to visit family when he was about nine months old and at that point he was having a bottle when he first got up, followed by some porridge, lunch around mid-day, a bottle at 3.30ish, dinner at 6.00 and another bottle before bed.

I didn't do baby led weaning, he never should any interest in picking up food or feeding himself. He still doesn't really! I also weaned at 6 months smile

alicebiscuits Thu 08-Sep-16 23:37:23

Im doing baby led weaning and it is going well so far. I introduced lunch for a few weeks at 5.5months, then added breakfast, for a week or so, then a light dinner too. He has really enjoyed it.

This is really helpful!

My DD is currently on lunch 1hr after her 11:30 bottle (FF). I have been doing this for 1 week now. I think I'm going to add breakfast in another week

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