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Constipated almost 7 mo

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Tumtitum Sat 03-Sep-16 17:37:50

DD is almost 7 months and we started weaning at 6 months. We're doing mainly finger foods but foods that need a spoon like yoghurt and porridge get spoon fed. She's always been one to go for a few days between poos and do a massive one. However these poos have been looking quite...sticky for want of a better word, like she's not getting enough fluid?? She also quite often strains and nothing comes out, or the tiniest little amount will. Her little tummy gets a bit bloated (although not particularly hard) then goes down again after the poo. I give her a sippy cup with water but she's not that interested yet. She'll have a tiny bit from a bottle. I give her 'juicy' foods. We've tried pear, kiwi and prunes, sometimes have an effect, sometimes not! Also tried tummy massage although perhaps not as regularly as I could be... She's breastfed and one bottle of formula most days. I think she's still taking the same amount of milk. Any suggestions for helping her to poo a little easier?! Thanks smile

Sun1983 Tue 06-Sep-16 21:27:53

My little boy is having bother with poos as well bless him. He's 7 month , started weaning at 6 month. Also had "sips" out of a sippy cup not much so because he needed more fluids and I hated seeing him so uncomfortable Iv went back to giving him water out of a bottle and he drinks much more and this helps flush him out. Although I'm not great on the idea of taking a step back with the sippy cup. I still offer it though. Iv read on here that ppl soak prunes in cooled boiled water for half an hour to an hour then drain it and give them the water to drink off the prunes. I'm going to try that tomorrow. I rub his belly after the bath on a night. Other than this I'm stuck too

Themoonhatesthestars Thu 08-Sep-16 17:19:31

We're the same with an almost 7 month old. I think you're probably doing the same as most in the situation. I've been using a doidy cup for water and stewing pears in prune juice prior to pureeing and giving him that once a day as well as the occasional tummy massage. Nothing seems to be the magic solution and then one day he'll have a few soiled nappies and then back to nothing for a few days.

Tumtitum Thu 08-Sep-16 21:17:58

I guess maybe it'll just be this way until their tummies get used to the new foods...

My SIL uses Ella's kitchen prunes prunes prunes for her LO (3yo) and has always used it. She swears by it for helping things keep moving

Tumtitum Sun 11-Sep-16 20:04:47

I've been giving her a few spoons of prunes every day but doesn't seem to make a difference! Today she had the tiniest little bit of poo in her nappy, but wasn't hard, more liquid but nowhere near enough to be a proper poo. I hope she doesn't have a blockage sad her tummy is a bit swollen but she doesn't seem to be bothered at all! I might try a bit of tummy massage tomorrow... Been doing lots of leg cycling but no results!

Maybe just try with water whenever you can. I see you do try with water but I think it just takes time for them to get the hang of it. I use a tommee tippee free flow cup which my 6mo likes doing for herself. She spits a lot out but is also taking some in. She is constantly covered in water where she thinks it's funny to spit it out but she has eventually got the hang of it. Probably took 2months (she is FF and needed water during hot weather). Not sure if this is what you're trying so apologies if it is. The pic is the one my DD uses. They are £1 in tesco I believe

Tumtitum Mon 12-Sep-16 13:38:01

Thanks Peppa that's the one I have smile she is getting used to it slowly! It's strange as I think she is getting enough water as although her pops are solid and formed they are still squishy, not as dry as they used to be...
So we had a bizarre incident this morning... Changing her nappy and noticed a poo just sticking out (sorry TMI! More coming! ;) ) and when this has happened before if I pushed her knees to her chest it helps her and she usually has a good old clear out. Today however she was crying like it hurt and kept on straightening her legs and squeezing them together as if she was trying to keep it in?! I think she does it a lot as I often find almost skid marks in her nappies where the poo has poked out then gone back in again!! I left her then nothing until next nappy change a couple of hours later and same thing happened except this time she did manage to get it out but she cried the whole time sad anyone have any ideas what that's about and how I can help her? I'm wondering if I should go back to just BF off a couple of days to see if that helps?? She loves food tho and shouts at me when I'm eating or drinking and she's not!! confused

She may just be getting used to going for more adult poos? It must feel a bit strange. I remember my DD used to cry. If you think she is in pain though maybe take her to the GP or HV and see if there is anything else. Dr might prescribe her a laxative which I don't think is that uncommon for babies. My DDs poos are getting a lot pastier iyswim (tmi lol) and she has only been on food for a week

Cocolocos Mon 12-Sep-16 16:27:47

We've been having the same issue. DD was crying every time she pooped, and she had an anal fissure (a tiny tear in skin). GP prescribed lactulose. Her poops are still formed, like adult poops!, but she's not crying any more.

Tumtitum Mon 12-Sep-16 17:53:41

Hey Coco! With their sleeping and pooing issues, I think our DDs might be twins!! wink well she did quite a big poo in her nappy this afternoon and although she looked quite disgruntled by it she didn't cry. Maybe she just didn't like me fiddling around with her legs etc whilst she was trying to poo earlier! And maybe you're right Peppa , she might just be getting used to the more formed poos. I was thinking to myself they must be much harder to push out in a nappy than the squishy liquid ones!!
I've given dinner a miss this evening anyway just to give her little tummy a break, think I'm going to feed her lots of bland easily digestible things for the next few days and see how it goes. She did have banana this morning which apparently clogs them up though, whoops confused

Cocolocos Mon 12-Sep-16 18:04:27

He he! Poop and sleep twins!

chanel223 Sat 24-Sep-16 21:18:18

What worked for my constipated baby, was Babies magic tea. It's an organic formula to settle down newborns with gas, colic, reflux and constipation.

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