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Baby stopped taking breast milk.

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Ladylolly Tue 30-Aug-16 11:35:54

Help. I have a happy 8 month LO who for the past week or so isn't interested in breastfeeding during the day anymore. He eats solids well and is on three meals a day. However he rarely takes his first milk feed and isn't really interested in his feed after his first nap either. He still takes a mid afternoon feed and is fed to sleep. I was trying to transition him onto formula but have stopped that as he was only taking 100 mls.
He has two feeds during the night one at 1am and one at 5am these are only one breast each time.
What can i do to increase his daytime feeds?

NickyEds Thu 01-Sep-16 21:28:03

My dd did exactly the same, from about 7 months she decreased the lengths of breast feeds during the day and I struggled to give her a morning feed too. She had always been mix fed (well from 6 weeks) and had one ff a day at bedtime and by 9 months that was the only milk feed I could get down her. I introduced another dream feed (f as she wouldn't latch on half asleep) just to try and get more milk into her! I spoke to the hv at the time and they said to just give her lots of calcium rich foods. I was a bit gutted as it meant the end of bf but some babies just wean quicker than others. Has your ds always been an efficient feeder?

Tootsiepops Thu 01-Sep-16 21:31:27

My nine month old has just in the last week or two decided she doesn't want milk anymore. She is (was!) ff, and now well established on solids. As pp said, I'm just having to make up for lost calcium by giving cheese and yogurt etc. I think also I might need to give her a vitamin supplement to make up for fortified formula.

Ladylolly Fri 02-Sep-16 08:18:12

I have been giving him lots of dairy products in the last week. He is a yoghurt monster! I have taken him into the bedroom with the curtains drawn and fed him on the bed to replicate the feeds he does take, this has helped. Hopefully this will get him back into the habit of feeding as he really wouldn't bother otherwise. He loves his water from cup though so not worried about fluid intake.

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