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How much should I let baby eat?

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ToffeeForEveryone Sun 28-Aug-16 19:10:12

DS is 5.5 months, just started weaning this week, mainly pureed veg and a bit of baby porridge, and he's taken to it really well. I read online that you should start weaning slowly, building up from a few teaspoons on the first week, but DS has other ideas!

He's clearly wanting more than that amount (e.g. mouth open wide and attempting to faceplant into the bowl of sweet potato!) and I have been taking the bowl away whilst he is still wanting more, which seems mean! Can I let him eat as much as he wants or should I be taking it slowly?

Also, want to introduce breakfast as well as lunch this week - or is that too early?

Me624 Mon 29-Aug-16 19:30:37

I have not been weaning for long (about 2 weeks) and am not sure about this either. After the first few days DS started eating a fair bit, definitely more than a few spoonfuls. I have been making my own purées and freezing them in an annabel karmel trays which are bigger than standard ice cube trays and he quite happily eats a whole cube, sometimes more. I think the main thing with spoon feeding is not to force it down them, if they are giving clear cues that they don't want anymore - turning head away, refusing to open mouth etc.

As to your second question, I introduced breakfast half way through week 2. I don't think we'll introduce a third meal for quite a few more weeks.

Artandco Wed 31-Aug-16 14:35:35

At that age it's advices that you give them milk before solids also so they aren't starving hungry and so they don't drop milk intake

So I would give milk at say 7.30am, then breakfast at 8.30am. So they satisfied from milk first, and can use food to learn how to eat and taste gradually

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