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Weaning and eczema

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Moofin Fri 19-Aug-16 20:26:59

Just wondering if anyone could share their experience of weaning an eczema baby?

Lo is 6 months and on day 2 of blw, Banaba yesterday was fine but immediately after avocado today he broke out in hives sad these cleared after a few hours but I really didn't think something like avocados would be a problem and his usual eczema patches are very angry looking tonight

We've never found s trigger for his eczema

HaroldCopter Fri 19-Aug-16 20:35:39

My son had an allergic reaction (vomiting followed by full body flare-up of eczema) to banana and, we think, avocado. They are apparently in the same "family", so it's not uncommon to be allergic to them - apparently latex, another common allergen, is also in the same family.

If he looks like he has food allergies you might want to avoid other common allergenic foods, or perhaps try them in very small amounts and gradually increase - maybe speak to your dr or HV? Things like dairy, egg, strawberries, kiwis, fish and nuts spring to mind.

Re the eczema, have you tried cutting out dairy? That's a common food intolerance that can trigger eczema. If you're BF you would need to cut it out too.

Hope that helps!

Moofin Fri 19-Aug-16 20:44:01

Thanks! I read that about banana and avocado but yesterday's banana did seem OK - interesting to hear it is a known trigger for some though

Have discussed with HV and agreed to slowly introduce common triggers but thought avocado would be fine sad

He's ebf but cutting dairy from my diet didn't se to have much impact

Might try the avocado again in a week or two

Lola321 Wed 31-Aug-16 10:37:09

Hi, my six month old baby had a reaction to banana. He came up in hives on his face and an extra eczema patch appeared. I breastfeed but haven't tried cutting out diary. I've stopped eating bananas for the past two weeks but this hasn't made any difference. Too scared to offer him avocado. We have an appointment at the allergy clinic in November. My older son was allergic to wheat but grew out of it.

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