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1 year old fussing with food - at end of my tether

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Nottsangel2015 Mon 15-Aug-16 18:31:46

Oh where to start!! Sorry in advance for the essay!

My dd2 is just 1 she is 10 weeks prem so for most things we are working about 3 months behind her actual age so she is roughly around 9-10months corrected.

We have been weaning for around 5 months and up until our holiday 4 weeks ago she has managed very well with mashed food, 7
Month jars when needed for convenience and finger foods for snacks, she has literally only just (last month) cut 2 teeth with another on its way so up until now finger foods have been quite limited to what she can suck.

4 weeks ago we went on holiday to lanzarote for 2 weeks and as anticipated feeding was a bit of an issue, they do not sell jars of lumpy baby food and we struggled to get her to eat anything other than toast, fruit purée, puff crisps, rusk style biscuits and chips and occasional veg, meat off our playes at evening meals. We struggled through hoping that when we got home she would settle back to her feeding routine from before we went away.

Nope! That hasn't happened. Now she refuses anything spoon fed (except bloody fruit purée!) and wants to eat herself with her fingers, which would be fine, except she is not eating enough and after 10 minutes starts messing about and throwing the food off the chair and generally just messing about with it. We have tried meats, veg, bread, everything and she just keeps messing with it. It's like we've gone back in time!

She has now started waking in the night and having a bottle and polishing the whole lot
Off so she is clearly not getting enough, yesterday we decided to re-introduce 2 bottles in the day (late morning and Afternoon) she hasn't had these for quite some time but we figure that she needs to make the calories somehow, as she seems
To have not really gained any weight.

She was very happy to have the extra milk and got very excited when we offered it so we thought it was the right thing to do.

Today I took her to get weighed at health visitor and just see what they suggested as we are now off on an impromptu visit to Portugal to visit my partners grandparents who are poorly so am now fretting about a change again to her routine.

Anyway, the health visitor told me to stop offering the milk, and Offer if she wakes in the night and at bedtime but if she wakes up 7 or later to only offer her a minimal amount if absolutely necessary and to give her breakfast instead earlier (would usually offer breakfast about 9am if she gets up at 7 and give her a 7oz bottle when she wakes) they said give a bottle only if she gets up 5-6.30am. She also said I should drop all the milk in the day and instead just keep offering foods. She said although she may not be eating much she needs to learn to chew and eat properly so persevere and accept the night waking until she can eat enough herself.

Does this sound right? I just want her to eat and have been giving her everything I can think of she would love even if not ideal just to get her to eat and obv did not think the milk would be a bad idea?

Has anyone else experienced anything similar and have any tips? I am just at a loss and we do not have an appointment with our neonatologist consultant until October, have tried to get in touch with her but it's impossible.

Please any tips would be appreciated
Thank you smile

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