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Help to stop breastfeeding

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Ducky5867 Wed 10-Aug-16 03:53:28

For various reasons have decided to stop breast feeding 14mth old DD.

Currently I still feed her to sleep, during the night (usually 1 feed about every other night) and if the morning if she sleeps through ( but skip this feed if fed her in the night- go to work early instead).

Next week I will be stopping - going cold turkey - but how do I do this? DH will give her cows milk at bedtime and comfort her if wakes during night.

She will be upset as enjoys feeding, so there obvious be tears - but please tell me your trips to wean her off my milk to make it as least upsetting for her as possible


pontificationcentral Wed 10-Aug-16 04:24:16

To be honest, I just tried to get it over with as soon as possible, and so dh did everything so that there wasn't an opportunity to have to refuse feeds etc. And I went through about three cabbages from the fridge each time.

It was painless with dd1, but ds1 wouldn't drink anything except by from source, and so it was fairly horrendous. It still only took three days for him to make the switch, and wonder of all wonders, he actually slept through once I stopped bf.

Good luck! I tended to try and remember however gruesome, that they won't actually remember anyway...

adagio Thu 11-Aug-16 14:20:30

With DD1 I attended any night wakings to offer water only, to cut her down to just the one feed at bedtime and nothing else. Once that was ok (sent DH in to offer water for a few nights, then she stopped bothering to wake up so that solved that one grin) it meant we only had the one breastfeed left to drop.

We cut the bedtime feed completely when she was older so eating well and full up from tea time (and drinking half the bathwater) so I never bothered with the cows milk at bedtime stage - meant i didn't need to worry about settle then going back into the bright lit bathroom for teeth. After bath and teeth water only offered.

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