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BLW food ideas for allergy baby

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BBLucy1891 Thu 04-Aug-16 13:03:34

BLW going great - LO is 7 months and just adores all foods. We eat a mainly vegetarian diet, wholefoods, etc. Problem is, she's had an allergic reaction to something, we don't know what as its not been consistent, but between now and when we see the allergy specialist (which could take weeks) I'm running out of finger food ideas. While at first she was eating everything and anything, now I'm careful to avoid nuts, seeds, tomatoes, eggs, strawberries, dairy, additives, avocado, banana (she had shown some reaction to these, ironically "staples" in our house), kiwi. She now eats mainly potatoes, butternut squash, sweet potato, veggies and fruit. Anyone have any breakfast ideas that don't involve any potential allergens? She's still breastfed anyway so its more for variety than nutrition. Thanks!!

Artandco Thu 04-Aug-16 13:06:50

Porridge? Can use oat milk or expressed milk

You say mainly vegetation, does that mean your happy to serve non veggie? Something like some white fish or salmon is easy to do a small piece in foil in oven to have a change

Otherwise she sounds like she eats enough anyway for her age until you have had some tests done. Plus she is breastfed

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 07-Aug-16 17:05:56

Porridge fingers made with ebm or a milk substitute?

InTheDessert Sun 07-Aug-16 17:21:37

Shredded wheat minis with milk substitute.
Toast, crumpets, engish muffins or strips of pitta bread with various things. Marmite, jam, fruit compot thick enough to be jam.

Supercali3228 Sun 07-Aug-16 19:21:18

Ooh I'm in the same boat! Would love to share ideas. Doing some internet research and asking around as dairy and egg are definitely out for us-such big reactions I'm also being cautious with wheat, nuts, citrus etc. Allergy clinic appt is 21st Nov so I've got to figure stuff out to give her before then!
Ok, she seemed OK with soya and almonds (gave her a bit of soya almond flavour yoghurt which went down well.) if yours can tolerate soya and some nuts you can do soya milk on cereal (rice crispies worked for us) and nut butter on rice cakes or toast. Gluten free bread has egg white in apparently, I'm learning a lot about labels these last few weeks!
DD also loves porridge fingers: 15g porridge oats, 1/2 mashed banana, few raspberries (or any other fruit really inc tinned peaches), 3 mins in microwave, cut into fingers. Or 1 1/2 mins in microwave, serve with a bit of yoghurt.
Fishcakes work some of the time, tinned tuna/salmon and a new potato or 2 mashed up, sometimes wth veg added e.g. Sweetcorn, then fried.
Or as you're veggie you might want to do tin of chickpeas, tin of sweet corn, mashed with of paprika, bit of chickpea flour or other flour, fried (saw this recipe on bbc 1 and about to try it myself,)

I'm worried about her getting enough fat as soya stuff s v low fat but she likes chicken thigh if I do it in a simple stew, I give her bits of the skin which she likes. Avocado works ok for us which is something.
It is scary not quite knowing if the little one will react to something but allergy uk said to try and gently introduce the food groups as over-eliminating could mean they miss out. The most common for babies seem to be dairy, egg and citrus so if you have a go at the other food groups she might be ok.
Also a friend got me onto organix carrot crisps...feel bad getting her onto crisps in a way but they are a good thing for on the go and don't have additives or salt as far as I can see.
All the best :-)

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