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BLW tantrum!

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ammature Tue 02-Aug-16 21:57:03

We started BLW when my ds was about 51/2 months. He took some cucumber off my plate and there was no going back. He's tried and enjoyed loads of our food, bbq courgette, watermelon, Avocado toast etc. He can pick up and turn the food around and eat an entire peach.

We have tried to give puree too but he always wants to hold the spoon so be basically feeds himself. The whole thing is such a mess we only feed him at home.

My issue is sometimes with the exact same food he had a complete meltdown, Tbh it's quite frequently. He seems to loose it out of frustration we think. Tonight he was having Avocado and houmous and he saw the peach on the table and lost the plot. He wasn't happy so we gave up. At first our analysis was tiredness but I wonder if anyone else had any ideas? We don't eat together much as we like to have our meal after he goes to bed at 7. I've suggested 6pm family dinner to my husband but he will be tired and cranky.

It's creating alot of stress and we know he loves his food we just want it to be a posative experience. Any tips?

ammature Wed 03-Aug-16 15:02:43


mamapants Wed 03-Aug-16 15:07:35

Not sure what you are saying is happening.
He saw a peach and wanted it? Or he had a tantrum with the food he had because he wanted the peach?
If he's getting frustrated I'd just take the food away and try again later.
I'd definitely eat with him though, that's kind of the point of blw. You just offer him what your having when you're having it. So then if he throws it or gets upset it doesn't matter because it was just a bit off your plate anyway.
Don't get stressed about it, he either eats it or doesn't, it doesn't really matter too much at such a young age, most of his nutrition will be coming from milk

RNBrie Wed 03-Aug-16 15:13:06

How old is he now?

ammature Wed 03-Aug-16 15:41:31

He is almost six months. We don't really want to have our dinner at the same time as him though- he eats about 5pm. Also if I'm out and about its too messy to just give him what I'm having- which frankly is cake. I don't care about him wasting the food or not eating it I just don't understand why he's having a meltdown ever time now. This afternoon I gave him avo and toast he enjoyed that. He spotted my water glass and wanted it so I gave him some water but when I moved the glass he freaked out and lost it.

I'm just wondering what's the problem really.

RNBrie Wed 03-Aug-16 16:31:23

Ok, he's only 6 months so he doesn't need three regular meal times, one or two is fine. And most of his calories will be coming from milk so you dont need to worry about how much he's consuming.

This is supposed to be fun, allowing him to explore tastes and textures. Its hard to tell from your posts but it sounds like he's shouting when you stop him having something? Or take something away?

If he's really enjoying eating he might just be frustrated that you're stopping him so make sure you've got lots of bits for him to have. If you're out and want him to have something to eat, pack a couple of slices of pear and a banana and a couple of crackers. If you're home just give him a bowl of what you're having.

My dc eat at 5pm. We eat after they've gone to bed. We eat breakfast and lunch together though. That's fine. You don't have to eat dinner with them if you don't want to.

ammature Wed 03-Aug-16 16:39:16

He definitely enjoys food he's demolishing a pear and can eat toast with Avocado, he's had bbq veggies so lots of stuff and eats everything. Banana didn't agree with him. I'm not worried about 3 square meals etc I'm just worried it's becoming stressful. I've mostly put this down to tiredness as sometimes he rubs his eyes with food all over his hands and we know it's all gone Pete tong. I've just fed him now after a cat nap and he's happy as Larry. Maybe I just need a better routein?

RNBrie Wed 03-Aug-16 16:45:00

I'm still not sure what the problem is?? What is happening that makes him shout?

If he's rubbing his eyes, he could be tired.

I think you're maybe rushing things a bit, he's not even 6 months yet. I'd be using food as a fun activity rather than a meal. Keep it short so he doesn't get tired and over stimulated and time it when he's had a nap and some milk and is happy to play.

ammature Wed 03-Aug-16 16:51:17

The problem is he gets upset for no apparent reason. With food he's enjoyed before, with me moving a glass, and other times he is happy as a clam. I was wondering if anyone had experience of this. I am using it as a fun activity and taking him out of the high chair as soon as he gets upset. I just can't figure out the problem.

DurhamDurham Wed 03-Aug-16 17:11:18

I think the main problem is that he's a six month old baby grin
It all sounds perfectly normal to me; he's eating, making a mess and having the odd melt down because h can't have everything he wants.

Timetogrowup2016 Fri 05-Aug-16 15:27:04

I think your the one making the issue.
His acting like a lot of babies do

ammature Sat 06-Aug-16 21:49:06

Thanks. This is the only baby I have so hence why I posted here for advice- or lack of. Jesus when did mumsnet become so bloody unkind.

Scarydinosaurs Sat 06-Aug-16 22:04:22

No one has been unkind??

It's true- he's just being a baby.

Maybe try feeding him when he seems awake rather than at meal times? So straight after he wakes from a nap?

Don't worry about the mess, it can always be cleaned up. And I'm sure the tantrums will end once he's older. I hear six is the magic age 😂

catsofa Sat 06-Aug-16 22:15:24

Maybe try BLW when he's not particularly hungry. If he's hungry and can't get food into himself quick enough he might be getting frustrated.

EmzDisco Sat 06-Aug-16 22:23:26

Yep being a baby! It doesn't sound like its weaning related, he's just wanted stuff that looks interesting and having zero emotional control gets very annoyed when he can't have it!

When he gets upset you have a few tactics - you can give him what he wants if appropriate (in your example if my DD wanted the peach if just give her some), you can distract with something else (Oohhh look at this squeaky toy/bit of other food/other spoon), or remove him from the situation and do something else.

Sounds like that pretty much is what you're doing, I really wouldn't worry.

And as per PP you can do BLW weaning anywhere, in fact I think it lends itself to be being out and about, just had a lovely dinner with 10 month old DD in a French pub garden! Had to pick up a lot off the floor but she had a brilliant time!

ammature Sun 07-Aug-16 20:47:23

"I think you're the one making the issue" - this is a bit unkind. We share foot when out and about but I'm learning I have to order stuff we can share. He freaked today when we had ice-cream and he couldn't have any. I guess I just don't know what 'normal' is because this is my first baby.

EmzDisco Sun 07-Aug-16 21:34:20

My first baby too, you just have to try things out! If you're eating/drinking something he can't have, or indeed doing something like holding a knife or something he wants to play with but obviously can't you just have to deal with that. It can happen A LOT! Have toys with you, have some baby biscuits or fave fruit you can give him when you have ice cream etc.

My DD has just started walking, so now not only dealing with food she can't eat and objects she can't play with but now also places she can't go! It's pretty constant, you'll be a pro within a month. grin

Scarydinosaurs Sun 07-Aug-16 21:55:16

Bit unkind? Or just blunt?

I found I just always gave what I ate to my DDs and I was keen to model a good diet to them- I saved all my bad choices for when they were in bed 😁.

He will love trying new things. They ingest such tiny amounts, it's really for taste rather than nutrition. Give him a variety of textures, tastes and food groups- he will love it!

Laquila Sun 07-Aug-16 22:09:32

I'm amazed that he's getting upset because he can't have things like ice cream - my 24-wk old just wouldn't be aware or mature enough for that, if you see what I mean. I've only given him a bit of banana and broccoli so far and none of it went anywhere near his mouth!

I already feel much less relaxed about BLW second time round though - weaning can be stressful for both of you and part of the point of BLW is to mitigate that. My tips as follows:

- don't worry about feeding him at particular mealtimes - just give him food when he's fairly cheerful and awake, even if that doesn't match normal adult mealtimes
- take a banana, some mini breadsticks, a pear etc out with you and don't worry too much about making a mess. It's amazing how much you can clean up with a baby wipe!
- try and relax and enjoy it - it absolutely doesn't matter if he isn't eating much at this point and in fact it's important that he still gets the majority of his calories from milk. My son didn't start eatIng any significant amounts until around 9 months. Hold your nerve!!
- look at BLW as an element of sensory play, not as a rigid routine for getting a set amount of nutrition into your child (that's what his milk feeds are for).

Nearly 6 months is very very young to be stressing about weaning I'd recommend taking a step back and taking the pressure off both of you if poss. Once it gets going all this will seem like a very long time ago! Good luck.

ammature Mon 08-Aug-16 15:42:41

I don't think it's just blunt to imply I'm basically being difficult. It's unkind. Anyways whatever. Some great advice here and I'm following it anyways. We are not hung up on what he ingests however he Is having a lot (nappies!!!-need I saw more) he can eat a full slice of toast and Avocado, this morning he had a whole plum and some porridge. He's just six months and he is completely aware of what we eat and drink. He started when he stole and ate our food and had a freak out when we tried to take it off him.

I guess I posted on here to see if other people's children had similar tantrums when blw... I think it's tiredness more then anything as we've had some great meals after morning nap.

Citizenerased123 Tue 23-Aug-16 15:13:31

I'm no expert- my dd is 6.5 months and started blw 3/4 weeks ago and on the whole is loving food and is pretty good at eating. But I have noticed she screams when I have mis-timed the meal so that she's too tired or too hungry and chewing food isn't satisfying her hunger as quickly as mummy. milk which quickly fills her belly. Today I also realised how thirsty she was with the heat and she quietened down with a lot of water. She also seems to think that what's mine is hers and gets very cross if I don't share so I have to hide in the kitchen if I need some emergency chocolategrin

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